Returning pilot, need advice mission ships

hello so im returning from almost 2 year s off , im wanting to get back into mission running around jita caldari navy … can someone explaint o me how much eve has changed on the best ships to use now ? im old school almost a decade ago we used tengus hams or heavy missles but im just not sure anymore and hoping you all can help me out here thanks … any advice is appreciated

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Marauders are likely the “best” ship to use as they sail through level fours. But they are prize targets for gankers of course, so you have to pay attention. A tengu would get the job done though.


A praxis gets the job done very well and is tons cheaper, easy to fit, and definitely not a big target of gankers if you are flying with t2 mods, too low value.

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Assuming you are trained in Caldari ships, if you can’t fly a marauder yet, Raven or Tengu are both solid picks. Missiles have gotten buffed, with new modules for better application, and you can fit Rapid Heavy Missiles on the Raven for better application of damage on smaller ships and still do well against other Battleships.


or use a rokh and blap the frigs from 100+km away before the missiles even reach their target!

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