Returning player, incursion, caldari, missiles, etc

Hey I am a returning player been about 3 years.

I am sad to see the tengu was finally nerfed which was my go-to ship for most the years I played.

I am messaging here because I was just wanting to get some input from the community on what resources/websites I should look at just to start getting my feet wet again. Previously I did a lot in null/relic/pvp/incursions. However, I want to start slow and do some PVE level 4 missions etc.

What advice, videos, reads, websites would you recommend if any? Is caldari still awesome because I remember missiles were frowned upon in a lot of pve groups, but solo great. Just looking for somewhere to start. I am already googling how to run level 4 and relic hunting again because that is what I enjoyed in the past on some of my downtime.

I would also be willing to sell my character on the bazaar and switch races, because currently my guy is super tengu/exploration build which as stated above don’t think it is as optimal anymore due to them getting nerfed a bit, but if I am wrong then hey I would love to know.

this video and friend is what got me back in

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I’m surprised nobody replied to this thread. Anyway, welcome back.

Now about T3 Cruisers, even if nerfed a bit, they’re still good ships to use. As for resource guides, etc, seems you’re on the right track using google search.

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