T3 still good for PVE? (0.0.DED?)

I didn’t play eve for 2-3 years and when i stopped we used to fly Tengus for almost everything from DED Plexes to LVL4’s. Are T3 still viable for 0.0 DED plexes? If not what do you fly these days?

Okay, I haven’t messed around with DED sites in null in a while, and even then, I was never an expert. However, it doesn’t look like anyone else is going to chime in. So…

T3’s are still good, they’re just no longer OP. Moreover, trig ships and the recently buffed marauders are now the new hotness. So, you might be able to run DED sites much faster with another option.

However, the T3’s travel fit options (can be nullified, fit a covert ops cloak, and even change rigs/subsystems if you desire) make running them a hell of a lot safer. And they can also be fit for scanning bonuses.

So, there might be situations where another option is better (i.e. running an escalation in a quiet and secure system), but I’d still probably go straight for a T3 if I was to start trying to run them again.

Oh, just do be aware that the Surgical Strike update nerfed resists. So, old fits might need some more tank.
No P2W

From what I my friends have seen out in space while hunting recently, marauders are the most common choice for DED runners with their amazing DPS and local repairs. The bastion sensor strength makes probing you down harder and helps with safety.

Black Ops are another option, generally a marshal or widow (remote rep sins can work but are a bit iffy on buffer). They have excellent damage and tank, particularly after the recent buffs. They’re also near impossible for hunters to catch if used properly too being able to move cloaked and cyno in and out of sites.

After surgical strike, it’s harder for T3Cs to fit the required tank, and the buffs to both T2 battleship types have pushed them to be far more suitable.

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