Ships for high/low sec DED 6/10 and lower sites

So i’m looking for a ship fit that would be viable to scan down and run 6/10 and lower DED sites that doesn’t require t2 weapons/drones (obviously anything for even a 5/10 would have medium armament instead of small or medium drones over light). I do not have the price range at this time for, nor the skills to fly effectively, a gila or anything more than a t1 ship higher than frigate, and in the case of t1’s just shy of battleship for all factions except minmatar.
So to break down what i have available, the “need to have” shield skills (nothing for capital) are all but maxed (I can use all t2 shield mods short of capital), Light missiles skill is maxed, drone skills are adequate however can only use t2 light drones and t1 for all else including drones like the Hornet EC-300, I can use t2 AB and MWD, t1 probe launcher, I am just shy of Hull upgrades V so i’m limited to t1 armor mods, I cannot fit t2 armor reps either. I am also in Caldari/Gallente space to give you an idea of enemies i’d be facing (sansha’s, guristas, rogue drones). I’ve tried using Pyfa and found I suck at using it so I’m coming here to the community for some ideas. Thank you for your time and fly safe. o7

You cannot find (Scan) 5-6/10 sites in highsec. By running Den anomalies you have a chance that a 5/10 (as escalation) could spawn in a HS system.

well, i know this, hence why i said 6/10 and lower. >.>

Was just clarifying this to any newer player that might come here looking for Fits/Ships to use :wink:

Okay, I was worried for a minute because I’ve ran into waaaay more people than i’d like where reading comp is well…non existent. Thanks for clarifying your standpoint. XD
So yea…thoughts on fits ISD Sekimura?

Get the worm frigate it’s essentially a tiny gila and you can tackle quite a few highsec ded sites if you are a bit careful and cautious.
You’ll want an afterburner some resistance increase on your shield toward enemy damage while nor consuming much cap so something like shield resistance amplifiers either a shield booster or buffer like medium shield extenders fill low slot with drone amplifiers for damage highs light launchers and thermal ammo and rigs to aid the fit either resistances capacitor or buffer.

You can also fit a probe launcher in the last highslot and keep it offline when doing sites and offline launchers while probing around to reonline can carry a mobile depot with you.

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So trying out the worm fit, right now in sim i have Hslot 2 light missile launcher 2’s, a core probe launcher 1, Mslot 1mn ab 2, small ASB, 2 Small SE 2’s, Lslot 2 drone dmg amp 2’s, Rigs, 2 small CDFE, and 1 small anti-kin screen. Ammo running scourge fury, drones are hornet 2’s.

[Rifter, Jari Corewind’s Rifter]
‘Grail’ Layered Plating I
‘Grail’ Layered Plating I
‘Grail’ Layered Plating I
‘Grail’ Layered Plating I

1MN Civilian Afterburner
[Empty Med slot]
Small Shield Booster I

125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
125mm Gatling AutoCannon I
Arbalest Compact Light Missile Launcher

Carbonized Lead S x428
Nuclear S x133
Proton S x100
Nova Light Missile x1917
Fusion S x100
EMP S x100
Depleted Uranium M x100
Gloom Enduring Radar ECM x1
Baker Nunn Enduring Tracking Disruptor I x1

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