Gila for combat sites

Hey guys, I have been looking around for a new ship to run some combat sites. I have read some great things about the Gila. I was wondering what would be a good fit for mid level combat sites in high sec, as well as possible sleeper relic/data sites in c1/c2 WHs.

Im not overly afraid of cost and skills/opitmal skill levels aren’t a fear either. Just looking for something to progress towards.


A passive tanked gila (shield purger rigs, lots of large shield extenders, some resists and mods that increase passive shield regen, 2 drone damage amps) should do fine for both. It’s cheap and simple to fly.

Don’t fit data/relic analysers, fit tank. Use a mobile depot and refit if you really want to hack, but tbh 99% of the value of the site is in the sleeper loot, not the hacking.

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