So what can an alpha in a Gila do in hi sec pve?

So I made an alpha account and trained all Gila related skills that I could to 4 (total is close to 6 M SP now, used a couple of 50k sp bonuses after reaching 5M).

Now what? I want to use it for quiet pve in hi sec (got the omega account for other stuff) but all I remember is how to do L4 mishs in a battleship on omega, which doesn’t apply here :slight_smile:

L3 missions aren’t worth it, so what’s there? Search for regular combat anomalies? Filaments? Did any new combat sites that can be done solo show up with the triglavians/edencom/metaliminal whatever?

Thanks for any suggestions. Please keep in mind this is for quiet solo time, no fleets, no corp, no friend lists, and that I have a (not too rich) omega account that can finance some bling for the alpha.

Link your fit and location, help will be on it’s way. :wink:

Abyssal space? Don’t need a very expensive Gila to do a few filament tiers. I never played as alpha and I have not played in awhile. Combat sites? You may have to risk some lowsec to get any worth it or be able to scan down the more lucrative ones.

T3s probably, because T4s, while easy to do with a not expensive T2 fitted gila, could be hard for an alpha players with skills at lvl 4

Okay T3 abyssals it is. Did some T1s before in a Caracal when they had the skill points event.

Should be easy with a better ship… boom! Big bada boom! Off to purchase replacemet Gila :slight_smile:

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