Solo hisec pve shooting activites

heres my profile:

im 27m SP but currently alpha so some skills are locked
i always aimed at skills for combat
have little budget
able to fly all ships so picking other races is not a problem but mainly amarr

ive played EVE on and off for about 6 months total since 2011, accumulating 27m skill points
i tried several proffesions, mining included which was by far the most boring and unfun, and ive spent most of my time in hisec doing security missions (barely L4) and lowsec FW plexing (which was most lucrative but also tedious)

as much as i want to ‘learn and enjoy’ this game i just cant
by that i mean finding my place in the universe and doing something both fun and profitable

what activities can i possibly do dividided into:
-hisec, maybe lowsec
-ship restriction (i can fly up to BS but havent mastered it by any means)

i am interested ONLY in shooting activities, anything that involves NPCs and guns that is also somewhat profitable

what about the abyssal space ‘dungeons’ ?
its doable solo, probably a good way of making money. cant say its fun but definately something new
not gonna lie, i was always looking for the solo stuff, i would prefer it to be something in hisec while i relearn the game from the basics and maybe even go omega someday

any other tips and insights are most welcome

PS: i would like to make some friends in this game, maybe there is something u do that would spark an interest in me, so feel free to add me

thanks in advance

As a solo Alpha PVE player you can run level 3 missions, anomalies, low level DED sites, low level Abyssal sites and event content. Gila is a good choice for Alpha characters since most of the damage is provided by the role bonus.

The income potential in Highsec is modest, you should be able to finance your in-game activity but trying to PLEX Omega would turn the game into a job. Try the various activities on Singularity where mistakes are a lot less painful, you can replace ships for a few hundred ISK.

Eve is unlikely to hold you for the long term unless you join a community and get involved with the social aspects of the game. Spend some time looking at the ads in the recruitment center and you’ll likely find something interesting.

Abyss,missions,DED sites,WH day trips

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so almost a year after the release of abyssal deadspace, is there an ultimate cookie cutter build/fit for them? lvl 1 and lvl 2 filaments

As an alpha you can do T3 Abyss filaments in a T2 equipped cruiser. This yields around 40-50 mil / hr if you get good enough to do fire or dark filaments and is subject to huge RNG streaks. You may literally have weeks of making as little as 20 mil / hr then followed by making half a Bil. So it varies a lot.

T4s on alpha are difficult and you will have losses which will of course cut into your income. For detailed guides and info had over to the PvE sub section of this forum, all the info is there.

Other then that, explo, DED sites, make daytrips outside of HS. You can also run SOE and Pirate epic arcs every 3 months, but not the main empire ones since the empire epic arcs are L4 missions which alphas can not do. The SOE arc is L2, the pirate arcs are L3.

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