My place in EVE

heres my profile:

im 27m SP but currently alpha so some skills are locked
i always aimed at skills for combat
have little budget
able to fly all ships so picking other races is not a problem but mainly amarr

ive played EVE on and off for about 6 months total since 2011, accumulating 27m skill points
i tried several proffesions, mining included which was by far the most boring and unfun, and ive spent most of my time in hisec doing security missions (barely L4) and lowsec FW plexing (which was most lucrative but also tedious)

as much as i want to ‘learn and enjoy’ this game i just cant
by that i mean finding my place in the universe and doing something both fun and profitable

what shooting activities (NO mining or ‘healing’ other players - i want to kill stuff) can i possibly do dividided into:
-PvE, PvP
-hisec, lowsec, nullsec, WH
-ship restriction (i can fly up to BS but havent mastered it by any means)

i am interested ONLY in shooting activities, anything that involves NPCs and guns that is also somewhat profitable with a little dose of PVP

what about the abyssal space ‘dungeons’ ?
its doable solo, probably a good way of making money. cant say its fun but definately something new
not gonna lie, i was always looking for the solo stuff, i would prefer it to be something in hisec while i relearn the game from the basics and maybe even go omega someday

any other tips and insights are most welcome

PS: i would like to make some friends in this game, maybe there is something u do that would spark an interest in me, so feel free to add me

thanks in advance

Bait suicide gankers into attacking you. : D


Ninja Salvaging/Destroying peoples MTU’s somewhat fits your criteria.

The MTU will drop loot which you can use as an income, and you will go suspect so there is the chance of PvP if someone ‘bites’.

  • Scan down the MTU or mission runner using combat probes.
  • Shoot the MTU/steal stuff from wrecks/salvage wrecks with spare highslot.
  • If they shoot you, kill them. If they don’t, help yourself to loots.

Hmm, this sounds closest to C2-C3 WH combat sites, to me.

Some edginess, because you have to be on guard for unwanted guests.

Some danger, because the sites aren’t pushovers.

Decent ISK return, and you have to do a small variety of tasks to do well with it.

Well, either that, or doing combat sites in high sec and hoping for escalations I guess.

We have spots for Alphas… we supply ships as well if you can use it to clean out space of unwanted structures in our skies. You get equal share in the isk dropped based on participation for the different phased shield/armor/hull.

Contact me in game. You can will have spot to pvp and shoot stuff on your time. Yes there will be timers but you can choose if you want to come al one or not based on your own availability.

Finding your place in EVE is probably one of the most difficult things in this game, so I hear ya. Took me years until I found a place I fit in.

Anyway, even if you wanna do some things solo, it’s still good idea to find people to fleet up and chat with. Go check out Recruitment Center here in the forums:

Also, you may wanna give r/evejobs a look:

Ask questions before you join, anything that is important to you. Many corps and alliances take in new and returning players in my experience.

Don’t worry if you can’t find a fitting place the first, or even fifth time you join a corp/alliance. If you wanna leave, explain them that this isn’t what you were really looking for (no need to burn the bridges) and leave, then look for a new place. Don’t get stuck thinking that you must be stuck in that one corp forever, that’s what got me to take a long break back in the day. :stuck_out_tongue:

With corpmates with similar interests, it’s much easier to find something to do, either solo or together.

Good luck!

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depends how much time you have. You can be the leader of a nullsec empire, but you would have to be a neck beard shut in with no life or future and suffer from constant anxiety that your life is being wasted.


You can do some casual stuff at your own pace whenever you want. Nullsec/wormhole daytripping or some such stuff. And have a rich life full of love and religious fulfilment. Its up to you

Have you looked into joining Pandemic Horde, Brave, Goons or Eve University? All organisations welcome alphas and you’ll probably be exposed to new areas of the game. I am in Pandemic Horde myself and are thoroughly enjoying my time there, lots of fights, moneymaking opportunities and veterans willing to share advice in whatever “career” you choose in eve.


This x10000.

In EVE solo play is kind of an advanced playstyle.

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