Profitable shooting activities

ive played EVE on and off for about 6 months total, accumulating 26m skill points
i tried several proffesions, mining included which was by far the most boring and unfun, and ive spent most of my time in hisec doing security missions (barely L4) and lowsec FW plexing (which was most lucrative but also tedious)

as much as i want to ‘learn and enjoy’ this game i just cant
by that i mean finding my place in the universe and doing something both fun and profitable

what shooting activities (NO mining or ‘healing’ other players - i want to kill stuff) can i possibly do dividided into:
-PvE, PvP
-hisec, lowsec, nullsec, WH
-ship restriction (i can fly up to BS but havent mastered it by any means)

any other tips and insights are most welcome

PS: i would like to make some friends in this game, maybe there is something u do that would spark an interest in me, so feel free to add me

thanks in advance

Train into a t3 like tengu and do DED sites,patrol through lowsec belts looking for mordus npcs and clone soldiers you can also kill whoever you catch unprepared around

Join a professional wardec group and kill war targets, join a merc group and kill war targets, do solo merc work, contracted structure bashing, etc…

Since you can do L4 missions you could run a standings increase service.

Get into incursion? It’s a social PvE high sec activity that mostly involves killing stuff and rolling in isk after a few hours. It does require you to competently fly a battleship though.

Otherwise, roam in LS or dive in WH (probably flying something cruiser-sized) or join PvP corps (depends on doctrines).

EVE is definitely most fun with others.

I would point out that another approach is to do something that’s low time effort but lucrative to fund your PvP… which is the fun side.

If you are interested in shooting other players… just join a null-sec group. You can shoot other players and run anoms when you need isk (16-22m per tick in a VNI), then switch to a PvP ship when you see an enemy in system.

I would point out that another approach is to do something that’s low time effort but lucrative to fund your PvP… which is the fun side. If you run PI in null with all three toons… you can make a lot of isk with maybe 20 minutes of effort once or twice a week. Reactions can make a loot with a small time investment. So can low effort trading.

I can tell you about my own experence, if it can help give you some insight. I started as an High sec bear, doing a bit of mining, and mission runing. I got bored quickely and, as you, wanted to find an activity both lucrative and fun, including some variety of occupation.

So I moved to a WH corp, doing mostly small gang PvP. Most of my income was from runing (mostly) passive PI (very profitable in WH with juste 10 minutes per day), and exploration during quiet days. 90% of the time, I was hunting preys with corpmate, shooting, tackling, roaming etc etc. I had no problems to get enough ISK to pay for the ships I was loosing. And if you add combat sites in WH, it’s easy to become space rich, but there are risks… This way, I had all the fun and shooting I wanted, and no problems with ISK.

So, TL;DR : you can join a WH corp to get both Pew pew and ISK, through both PvE and PvP.


what about the upcoming abyssal space ‘dungeons’ ?
its doable solo (i was always looking for the solo stuff but i guess its time to let it go), probably a good way of making money. cant say its fun but definately something new

does it have security restrictions ? i mean is it gonna be available in hisec as well as in lowsec/nullsec ?

Research BPO’s and PI for passive income and join spectre fleet and bombers bar for pew pew

The smartass in me wants to make a remark about how you could fly a logi ship in low sec, aiding one random side in random fights of people you have no clue about. That would get you killings (and thanks to upcoming, better/more detailed killmails, also … killmails!) and it guarantees you tons of tears, too!

Potentially by both sides!

hit the public fleets, there are plenty of them.

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