Abyssal Running?

So I’ve been out of the Abyssal game for a while. Anything new and exciting? Are they worth doing again? Is the Gila still the dominant ship or have any new ship metas been explored?

ISK/hr from Abyssal sites have fallen significantly. I believe tier 3 sites earn as much as lvl 4 mission running. Gila is still supreme.

There are frigate-sized sites that need to be completed in a three-ship fleet. The ISK/hr can be good if you’ve got alts who aren’t doing anything else.

I noticed the three new Gila SKINs. Not sure if this is good or merely a sad commentary on Abyssal running…

CCP 2019


:3rd_place_medal:Sac…nope Gila

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So you’re saying Ishtar? :rofl:
I’ve had fun in a Vedmak - but only up to T3 filaments (mostly Electric).

Imagine if they nerf the gila now

Nah its perfectly balanced…to be OP as fUUUUU…UUUUUUc* son.

I think ship is lacking drone tracking bonus its only unfair for ship not to have it,i mean not fitting any drone application mod and roll thru T 1-5s is just …well…“balanced” CCP 2019

Into the Lizard Abyss…

Proud Sacrilege pilot prefer it over gila then again not running past tier 3 yet but even then prefer the Sacrilege.

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