Abyssal Pockets and the Ships to Run Them

As the subject states, this is for discussion (only) of ships and fits to run the new Triglavian Abyssal pockets which are currently limited to T1, Faction and T2 cruiser hulls (no T3C). You may be able to run the weaker pockets with smaller ships but not much else is known about the varying difficulties of each type of Abyssal pocket.

Obviously, at this point a lot is going to be open to speculation and conjecture. What we do know is that there will be structures that specifically target missiles and drones, that you will not be able to deploy a mobile depot for refitting and that there will be no local or ability to go to warp.

Since these Abyssal pockets have a timer (15-20 minutes is what we’re told), a MWD is probably going to be an essential piece of equipment regardless to navigate the maze.


Kinda hard to come up with fits for something that hasn’t even been released yet and we know almost nothing about. Not to mention, CCP can or probably will change something again before it’s released…


I hate to say it but I predict the Gila will be the ship of choice… again…

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not if the site contains the anti drone/missile structure. that pretty much nullifies the gila.


Right but in every other case…

I suspect you may be correct - especially with the bonus to drone hit points (this may allow them to survive the structures intact). Also, it’s one of the few ships that gets almost its entire offensive bonus as a role bonus. Not to mention that it can run a passive shield buffer tank that will be immune from neuts.

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But you don’t know what’s in each pocket,you don’t know prevailing environmental effects or which enemy ships will be there. These will heavily favour multi-primary weapon ships like vexor I think, but we really have no idea until we see the sites themselves.


Right… but my line of thinking is that in the lineup of t1 and pirate ships, Gila is the best ship for PVE. Maybe the Stratios too. So when you start getting into the 4th or 5th tier of the Abyss, Gila is probably the only option.

But again, as you said, pure speculation. I have no idea.

The only thing with the Stratios is that the drones will be weaker and you can’t run a passive tank to the safe effect.

True, however the Strat was shown in the videos so that’s something. It also excels with different non-conformant turret types. Also it has a cloak which may help with getting out of an Abyss in LS or Null.

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Having turrets it can also run lasers, hybrids or projectiles as well. I still think it’s going to be Gila, Gila, Gila… You’ve got 2 medium drones that are the equivalent of destroyers. It’s fast, agile and cap stable.

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Sactly what im saying. No damage bonus, so the non Laser types are fine on the Strat

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gunboats would technically be best for this situation since they dont have the chance to get nullified by the Deviant Automata Supressor.

i dont remember much from the presentation but from what i see it will be something close to WH Space in terms of fitting, i mean, omnitanked, probably something heavy on reps/resists.

the fact that the sites are timed make it hard to decide, but im pretty sure that all the permitted cruisers will be capable of running the session but not without a clear weakness that players have to get around.

gunboats would be the least affected compared to missile/droneboats so i would go mostly for those. Maller and Moa would be the best tanking the Triglavs since they would be able to also mitigate the resistance penaltis to a degree. Thorax and Omen wouldnt be as tanky but they would be good allrounders despite being attack cruisers (and thus less tanky), Vexor would have issues due to the drone penalties but it can still tank fairly well and use hibrids to deal damage while waiting to get the drones out, Rupture and Stabber would be the fastest to traverse the pocket in case the distances are really a problem.

Caracal is the only one that i may see in trouble because not only is mainly a missile boat but also because of the small dronebay, it will probably be the most handicapped for Abyssal space due to this (low tank compared to the Moa, Missile focused and thus nullified by the DAS, no way to compensate with other weaponry due to no turret hardpoints or good dronebay).

basically, Guns > Missiles/Drones for this situation. Tank vs Speed is lke a 50/50, its a matter of taste. and this also extends to Faction/T2. Navy will be best at this than Pirate due to the bonuses (Pirate ship gimmicks dont make much sense for PvE but if you like the better raw stats well, go ahead) but Sansha and Serpentis should be good at this (perhaps Angels too), Blood Raiders are cool but more PvP oriented while Guristas, Mordus and SoE will probably get shitted on by the mechanics of the sites.

as for T2, HACs come to mind, they are pretty popular anyways and if you get ganked i guess you can always try and see if the ADC will help you to fight back.


Rails Deimos or a Huginn.

Just joking, sort of.

I think CCP will do things here that specifically target breaking up the normal PvE meta, and I suspect that the information on the filament will determine the best ship for the site, which won’t always be the same (a bit like different ships are better for different burner missions).

Looking forward to these hitting SiSi, and I normally hate PvE (so really I was joking in the first line…I have no clue).

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My impression was there was all kinds of different storms that would impact all different kinds of ships. Not just drones and missiles.

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Gila will own these sites unless the drone/missile suppression structure is ubiquitous. CCP must know this - wouldn’t surprise me that’s why CCP Burger included it in his presentation.


So are you saying Gila yes - Gila no…?

So am I. Will be trying my spiked and most favorite cruiser in EVE.


Phantasm? not a bad idea


Gila should be strong if you get one with positive shield modifiers. but if you roll one with negative shield recharge, or negative shield resists how well would it work?

I’m guessing something like the deimos if you roll one with positive armor/gun mods

there’s a handful of modifiers and clouds, so I doubt throwing the gila at everything will work, but hell it might.

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