Want to start running some low level DED sites

Going to start running some DED’s site to make a little ISK, only low level 3-5/10’s while I learn the ins and outs. What are the current go-to ships/fits?

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Gila is your best bet. Due to high tank you much room to learn spawns etc. From there you can easily branch out where you want. Any cruiser can run them more or less time efficient.

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i disagree.

Orthrus or jackdaw

You´ll mainly focus on 4/10 and there you get the best killspeed.

if you scan them down, u will often face others doing them too.
Orthrus vs Gila…Orthrus always get the final blow on telescope (guristas have a telescope in final stage)…and if not, he is close to the container and can take it, if u have no problem with the player-aggro.
If you go for other scanning-sites like Watch/Vigil/Hideout and so on…Orthrus doing all excellent.
Only 5/10er are badass for Orthrus and Jackdaw…but even there i prefer ishtar > gila.
Gila seems very easy and flexible with low sp - but its not the best ship for this kind of stuff



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What type of missiles you use?

I really want to bring missile boat to run DED sites in hisec but numbers are terrible compared to turret or drone based ship in frigate application. And this seams to important since 90% rats in those sites are frigs.

Btw. I suggested gila because it is easy to use and with huge tank you can make mistakes why learning sites. With other ships and person that don’t have much experience yet. You can get into trouble. Especially running drone sites that disrupt.

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The frigs can be painted or Webed. That ruins their day

Contact me in-game. I would love to discuss whatever you need to master low level DED sites.
I lived on DED running for many years across all of New Eden.
Damage types vary by race and therefore ship fits should too.
Start out cheap and learn the basic mechanics and then move into the more expensive options like the T3’s and the Gila.
Drop me an EvE-Mail or convo me.

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Check this out:



Some data may be outdated but the DED complex data is pretty accurate and the complexes didn’t change.

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