Looking for a Discussion on a Fleet Zirnitra Fitting

Looking for a Discussion on a Fleet Zirnitra Fitting. I have looked everywhere and apart from the single fit on workbench there are conversations about this ship or fittings listed anywhere. Including the eve forum fittings page but discussions are not allowed there.

I was also curious what uses you think this sip might have in both PVE and PVP. Mostly PVP but either I’m curious about.

I would be grateful for any ideas that you might have, thanks!

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Moved discussion thread to PvP Gameplay section. Best of luck mate, my corp doesn’t use any, so interested on this as well :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have a fit but I personally think the Zirn is underrated. It can out DPS a moros firing null and come dangerously close to an avatar firing scorch. With meson, which gives it a 100km+ range. Switch to baryon and you’ll out-dps the avatar and a similar range. Did I mention this is at 0 spool?


PVE wise works pretty well at killing npc cap spawn ,altho with the new industry changes its alot of isk to risk for not such a big reward

Gonna bump this again. I’m still curious if anyone has a fleet fit for running a local tank and a fleet fit buffer.

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