Help With Fit! PLEASE!

Hey everyone, I am Krimmins. I have 10 million sp and I am flying capital ships lately. I was able to fly a dread as of yesterday; lost a few but I had fun. I am now looking to fly a carrier. I have 2 Aeons and 10 Archons that I have bought. Specifically for the Archons, what’s a good PvP fit. I can afford all faction and dead-space modules, so use those, please. Fighters will be t1 for now. Thanks!

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Whats that supposed to mean?

It means that you are asking this question in the wrong place. This entire forum is the wrong place. You ought to ask this question in your corp/group, which is one of the biggest and most PVP oriented groups in the game. They can help you better and quicker.

Why are you even in a corp with 244 characters in it that is part of a much larger group if you come here to ask this kind of question anyway?

Sorry, no one had a good fit. I will take this down my bad

Someone in RVB must have good carrier fittings.

Why’d this get moved to the Russian section? lmao

I could try create a fit for you, but I think you can do the same thing yourself. You just need two tools:

  • Pyfa
  • Zkillboard

Look through Zkillboard for losses of the ship you want to fit for inspiration, then recreate those fits in Pyfa to get a feeling for why the fit looks as it is. Experiment a bit with which modules can be upgraded or downgraded and you’ll have a few versions of your ship. Then pick one and go with it.

Or, ask your corp for a fit.

Thanks guys

Because I put in general and people got mad so I stuck it in the Russian section so I didn’t get more hate XD

People in RvB do cheap highsec pvp fits, noone replied to my question either

But you did. All Russian hate you now.


Ok I will move it to the french now sorry

We didnt give these fits intentionally . I remember the day you asked … And even you are eager to waste your isk on that way and be proud of yourself… i cant give anyones hands my fits who doesnt know how to fly them . Thats a principle i had been holding for years …

I give my fits to people who knows how to fly either ask me how to fly it… I never give the fits just “give” … but i never hide them either … you havent come with that question… so it was simply wrong question…
We do train pilots into PvP goundly … start with frigates because they are skill ceiling of Eve Online PvP . We cant help you in first hand if we cant see any eager or valuing to learn basic aspects of the PvP first hand. We did our best and explained to you where to start …

You have constantly flooded pur channels by adoration to big and expensive ships bling things and belittling rest without showing any effort for understanding PvP mechanics of this game … meanwhile there was cap pilots there in channels flying and enjoying their frigs taking fights and see your messages…
Last we understood we are not suitable group for you and your needs. And you made the right call and decision there to leave.

If you undermine these aspects and show your attitude and eagerness on this current direction …

You shouldnt suprised by the reactions of other veterans here… I m wishing you best for your future endavours .

Wtf? I did ask in your corp chat and no one answered. I have been playing on singularity lately. I could care less about learning the fundamentals of eve with a frigate when a carrier fully fitted costs 8,500 isk. I constantly flood your channels? Wtf are you talking about, I played with you once and the experience was mediocre at best. I talked to some friends in eve and they said RvB is not worth it and it’s better to join a null corp and they were right. This was a waste of time I am leaving, you tought me nothing. I came here looking for answers that you would not give to me. I could care less what these “veterans” think; I asked for a fit, not criticism. Goodbye, leaving rvb and I will probably join PH or Goonswarrm or something better clearly RvB is a bunch of stuck up pricks. This game is about fun and if I have fun flying a carrier who cares if I know how to fly it “correctly.” I would be using it on a completely different server. Was looking forward to doing another pvp fight with you guys but not anymore because clearly you are all just a bunch of pricks who pride yourself on a meaningless video game.

Eumm… ceci c’est le forum Francais, thank you very much.

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