Help with carrier fit please

Hey everyone, I am Krimmins. I have 10 million sp and I am flying capital ships lately. I was able to fly a dread as of yesterday; lost a few but I had fun. I am now looking to fly a carrier. I have 2 Aeons and 10 Archons that I have bought. Specifically for the Archons, what’s a good PvP fit. I can afford all faction and dead-space modules, so use those, please. Fighters will be t1 for now. Thanks!

(Do not look at my killboard I play mostly on Singularity now so yeah I may suck on Tranq but I really only play on sisi)

you need to fit the aeons with XL torpedos and X-Large Shield Booster. The Archons are similar fits like Aeons and its important thath you have light drones in your dread.


Contract one of those Aeons to me and I will teach you the ins and outs of fitting capitals in as much or little detail as you like.

HAHA, you’ve been caught! Dreadnoughts can’t field drones, trust me I tried. Trying to trick new players huh??? Well, we’ll see about that! Humph!

Lol could you do it without taking my Aeon

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Interesting way to troll the forums I guess.

Not officer modules, not carriers, and of course not dreads.

13 yo and and some selfsteem problem? That´s more like it.


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I’m on singularity

You should propably edit the SISI thing into your first post, so people think you are less of an idiot.

I personally think SISI is a bit boring, but as a new player, go ham, have fun.

Generally speaking the Amarr carriers arereally tanky and slow. Thats great for big fleets, but not so good for you alone. Check the killboard and you will find the right fits really fast.
For solo stuff, you usually want a nano fit. So you have no tank and try to kill and escape, before anybody can hold you down (hyperspacials, nanofibers, tripple prop, SeBos, etc).

If you ask, maybe somebody will send you some injectors, so you can test with better skills on SISI.

Have fun

Ok, thank you. First person not being mean and driving me away lol.


A useful skill to learn is to be able to create your own ship fits. I can really recommend it! Especially as you’re playing on Singularity you can’t do much wrong, worst case you die and try another fit. :grin:

You need two tools:

  • pyfa (downloadable program to create ship fits)
  • zkillboard (website with killmails)

When you want to create a new ship fit, browse zkillboard for losses of that ship type for inspiration and try to find (1) the purpose of those ship fits and (2) the differences between the ship fits that have the same purpose you want to use it for.

Then in Pyfa create a couple variations of this ship fit. Maybe a max dps, a max tank and a max agility/speed one, to get a feeling for the choices you can make. And then a fit that tries to find your optimal between damage, survivability and utility. Export the fit, import it ingame, buy the modules and try it out!

Or an easier way: copy a couple fits from zkillboard into pyfa, compare them to see which one you like most and use that.