How to fit

How should I fit a dominx as an alpha for pve

Look at the bonuses the ship gets and start thinking to yourself about it.

Each ship/nation has a preferred weapon system and style. Balance the tank with the DPS. The idea is to get max DPS for as little tank needed in PVE.

You will spend hours tweaking fits in this game. Might as well start learning how to build it from scratch and go from there. Ofc there is the internet/youtube also for fitting help. Eventually, fitting knowledge just becomes intuition for all the ships in EVE.

What kind of PvE

low sec pve maybe wormhole

My sincere recommendation for an alpha would be to use a Vexor instead

okay guses Its time to sell it then

In general for a PVE fit I recommend you default to the medium tier of guns unless you have high fitting skills. That’d be 350mm rails and ion blaster cannon on dominix or 200mm rails and heavy ion blaster on vexor. I agree its a bad idea to take a solo BS into low for PVE with alpha skills under any circumstances. Have a scout or a gang or be looking for PVP.

I’d suggest using Autocannon on Dominix. The hull has no bonuses to guns, so use the guns that don’t use cap.

Sure, that make sense!

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