Where to find L1-4 all race omega and alpha fittings

Hi all, is there anywhere I can got to see what fittings to use in all level missions and for all races, and for both alpha and omega so as to help me with my training of skills ?

Many thanks in advance.

you want everything handed to you basically? Start small with L1 then L2 then L3 then L4… work your way up through the ships…

you try the route you’re going you’ll get overwhelmed and burned out trying to skill up.


The recommendations will vary depending on your playstyle (do you enjoy close range brawling or long range kiting/sniping), skill level (T2 needs more skill - not just for the modules but for fitting headroom CPU/powergrid/capacitor) and budget (faction modules are easier to fit but very expensive). Last but not least, where matters. A fit for nullsec ratting might be quite different than for highsec mission running.

Eve university has PVE fits for most ships in the game https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Ships

Most player organizations have fitting guides for new players. One example: https://wiki.bravecollective.com/public/dojo/vexor-newbro-edition



It works best for PVP fits, not too sure about PVE tho. If a PVE ship die, it’s either because the fit isn’t great to start with, or the pilot sent it against stronger opponents, like a Burner frigate.

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