PvE ship for a new player

I have saved some ISK and I’m looking for a newbie ship to do some missions and fighting sites. I read many topics, but they were not really helpful. I would appreciate some fitting ideas (specific, I’m still a little overwhelmed with all the modules). I have Gnosis, can fly destroyers and cruisers too (or at least I’m able too ;)).

Any help would be appreciated.

It really depends on region of space, preferred tanking strategy, what weapon systems you have trained, and what level of content you are attempting to tackle. Gnosis is okay, but is enormously slow and has some significant handicaps. Especially if you are attempting to look into combat anomalies in addition to missions.

I’m flying in high sec. I have trained a little of everything I guess (medium drones, heavy missiles…). And I’m really clueless…

Do you want to use lazers and do close combat, or missiles/rockets for longer ranged combat?

you obviously went the wrong way.
do L1/L2 missions to learn your ship.
try different ships .
You will not make money, yet you will learn how to fly the ship and the differences among ships


I’d like to use missiles or gauss cannons. I’m not a fan of close combat.

I’m doing the missions and I try new ships, but it’s hard not knowing how to fit them. If I have a base I can edit it later, when I learn more :wink:

Do Career Agent missions to better understand flying and fitting ships, preferably the military missions

more important: join a corp man. They will give you advices. this is a mmo…

you don’t need corps to have advices. Sot GTFO with your off-topic post.



Use this as a base for what most people have done these missions in. Any caldari ship is good for missiles, thats their specialty.
My personal preference, I went from Kestrel > Caracal > Drake > Raven for all my PVE missions. But I prefer missiles over anything else.

anderson stay calm and polite. i think that a new player should know that newbie-friendly corps, as eve-uni etc will give him fits, and more. Rather than trying to discover everythg by his own. I don’t understand why you are so aggressive

I am not aggressive, I tell you to gtfo if you don’t want to understand and answer his question.

YOU are aggressive by coming in random topic and spitting nonsense that is just plain OUT OF TOPIC.

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“i am not agressive” and “gtfo” in the same sentence? ok…
OP initial question is a very large one, and would probably deserve some pages to answer it. So i think he would benefit from joining a corp to answer it.

Whatever, stay on topic or GTFO.

Anderson makes a point. Not that I always agree with him… OP asked for ship advice, and you told him to join a corp. Whats different than any other person asking for ship advice on here, and getting it, while not being told to join a corp. He can stay in his newb corp and still receive advice.

Well, its apparently a lot of responses, seems the guy doesnt need any more, but I want to say something. For missioning for a new player: Fly a ship that is MORE than good enough. Because good enough AINT good enough, you WILL lose that ship. Example. Lvl 3 missions, you need a cruiser. But at your level you will just lose a cruiser so what you want is a Battlecruiser. Thats my advice. As far as fitting goes use the best fittings you can. Lol. The way “I” fit a ship is thusway (is that a word?) First. Weapons, 2nd Mid slot Shields, 3rd, lowslots and lastly rigs. Also at your lvl use “passive” modules and use RANGE. Stay AWAY from them stay out of their range! For what its worth. Good luck have fun.

yes, it is good to have those mission reports bookmarked. I did like you at first, using strictly missles, then I started using other things. Really Any weapon with good RANGE will work, but then you get into PRICE for ammo :slight_smile: Missles get expensive. Lasers are practically free. Missions dont pay enough to constantly use missles. A good laser ship is cheapest on ammo AND you get the range so that would be MY best advice.

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Thanks for all the replies! It helped, but I’m still looking for a basic build (like specific modules, weapons etc.). As I said before, there are so many modules, parts, ammo types, rigs…, that I can’t wrap my mind aroud it.

go with basic cruiser for L2 missions. They are cheap and easily replaced, agile enough to get in and out of fight fast, and have enough slots/fitting that you don’t feel like it’s just a bunch of guns stuck together.
important parts :

  • ship must e easily replaced
  • ship must survive the rats
  • ship must not make you want to uninstal eve.

This is a ‘template fit’ for PvE… I don’t think it counts as a viable fit.

[Gnosis, PvE maybe?]

Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Ballistic Control System II
Power Diagnostic System II
Co-Processor II
Missile Guidance Enhancer II

Large Shield Extender II
Target Painter II
Large Shield Extender II
50MN Microwarpdrive II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II

Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Heavy Missile Launcher II, Caldari Navy Scourge Heavy Missile
Small Tractor Beam II

Medium Processor Overclocking Unit I
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II
Medium Core Defense Field Extender II

There’s a mix of tank/damage/application/fitting mods, oh and a tractor beam. If you haven’t already I’d recommend getting Pyfa or EFT for playing with fits.