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I’m a new EVE player and have moved to Security Missions. I have done some Googling and I am finding a variety, and often contradicting, advice about what Ships, Fits, and tactics. Does anyone have any guides they would recommend to help a new player sort out not only what ships and fits should be used as I progress through level 1 to 4 missions as well as basic tactics. I feel like I am kind of stupid when it comes to actual combat.

I can make some fits for you, but I don’t know what your skills are like. Message this character in game and I’ll try and get you started and give you some basic advice on mission running.

What kind of style of ship do you enjoy flying, you can talor your ships and fits to what you enjoy.

Like most people use battle ships to run missions me personally I use an assualt frigate and stealth bomber combo.

Thanks for the replies. Honestly I have no clue what my play style is lol. I started with the Merlin they gave me and I bought a Kestrel with some rocket launchers based on a post I read somewhere. I seem to be doing ok with the level 1 missions but I am not sure what other playstyles exist :slight_smile:

Try some t0 abyssals if you can fly a frigate it’s much more isk than lvl 1 missions and is harder. Help’s train you to fly your ship better as well. It’s probably more isk than even lvl 3’s lol, but level 4’s become much better if you can get to them.

try match your filament choice to the damage type you deal as the enemies also get those same debuffs to resistance.

If you are looking for them on the market they are under:
trade goods / filament’s
T0 is called tranquil
T1 is calm and so on.

My suggestion would be to do these for a bit it will boost you up fast, then going back to mission’s after you will be able to dominate them even higher lvl missions.

The hard part is, there is no ‘correct’ way to run them … its up to the pilots individual preferences

Have a look here. Dont be afraid to try out different ships and/or styles.
But above all, have fun!

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