Any good ships for running missions?

I was wondering which ships (and their fits) would be best for running military (pve) missions. Any suggestions for in general pve ships are also welcome

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You’re going to have to be way more specific than that. I could name 50 different ships and fits. What level missions? What PvE content? What do you have the skills for? Drones? Missiles? Guns?


In my experience, for pure PvE content missiles are ideal. The ease of changing damage types plus the fact that distance isn’t a problem, makes them the least hassle of the weapon types. (And I’ve tried them all… extensively.)

If you’ve got decent skills, running level 4 missions in a Raven is easy. Adjust hardeners and missile types for each individual mission and you’ll be golden.

You can then always upgrade to a Navy Raven, or a Golem. (Tho I’ve never seen the need to buy a capital prized ship for running LVL4s… but that’s just me.)

Normal PVE progression for Gallente is Vexor for level 2 missions, Myrmidon for level 3 and Dominix for level 4 with drones as your primary weapon system. Get to the point where you can field T2 drones with level 4 support skills and level 4 hull skill to take advantage of the hull bonuses.

In general, you need to decide whether your preference is to engage at long range- sniper fit or short range - brawler fit. You are not locked in to any choice but it will take time to train the skills for different ships - focus on one line until you are proficient and branch out from there.

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IMHO, the best ships for PvE security missions are Gila and Rattlesnake. Tengu, Loki, Vexor Navy Issue and Scorpion Navy Issue are also pretty good and in some situations, better then a Gila or Rattlesnake. But overall and on average, you just can’t beat the Gila / Rattlesnake.

The skill progression is quite long, and I recommend you take the following route:

  1. Train all support skills such as capacitor, navigation, afterburner / MWD, tank and upgrade skills, CPU / powergrid, etc. Do this 1st because it affects all ships, not just specific ones and not just for PvE security missions.
  2. Train your drone skills (including all drone support skills) and Gallente Cruiser to 5. With this, you’ll be able to run most, but not all level 4 security missions. With some more training and a bit more advanced fits, you can run all lvl 4s in it, but some will be more difficult then others.
  3. Train Missles (including all missle support skills) and Caldari Cruisers to 5. Get into a Gila. Now you can do all level 4 missions much easier then Vexor.
  4. Train Gallente and Caldari Battleships to 5 and Train Micro Jump Drives to at least 4, Cruise Missles and Heavy drones to 5 and some specializations so you can use tech 2 variants. Hop into a Rattlesnake and absolutely obliterate all Lvl 4s. You can also use a Navy Scorpion for extra tank if your heavy drone skills are not good yet. Train Cruise missles 1st. Navy Scorp is a very good ship, you kill stuff slower then a Rattlesnake but its tough, I soloed even the epic arcs in mine and its kinda “on the training road” for Rattlesnake.
  5. Train into Tech 3 cruisers for some explo DED sites etc. You can also use them to run L4s very effectively. Best 2 to go for are Loki and Tengu. Both of which use missles as main weapons systems which you will already have.

personally, I thought t2 ships were great for pve. they have better resists, or tanks, some have a tank rep amount bonus, those are my favorite for pve, etc…

so for me Ive used:

assault frigs, heavy assault cruisers, tech three cruisers, command ships, and of course battleships, or the th2 battleships if you are that wealthy.

I myself, liek to fit for cap and tank first, so I get my cap stable fits with the booster and hardeners all running, usually not including the mwd here. :slight_smile: mwd is a cycle needed basis, just to get me in range, then I turn it off to save cap and I just perma run the tank booster. I then fit for damage and tracking or range. these are my priorities when pve is considered.

here is an example of a cap stable tank fit for pve. its a HAC, its made to be cap stable repping, burst mwd, high dmg/resists profile.

I like to armor tank for em and thermal damage rats and shield tank for exp and kin rats.

[Vagabond, Vagabond]
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Gyrostabilizer II
Tracking Enhancer II
Tracking Enhancer II

Gist X-Type Large Shield Booster
Medium Cap Battery II
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
50MN Quad LiF Restrained Microwarpdrive

425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
425mm AutoCannon II
Small Energy Neutralizer II

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II

Federation Navy Hobgoblin x5

Phased Plasma M x23735

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Most farmed security missions are missions level 4 (aka L4). For normal missions it is important to keep your isk/hour ratio in reasonable measures and years of community experience with that matter give us that order of process through skills and ships:
L2 missions = passive shield tanked Gnosis with heavy missiles
L3 missions = active shield tanked Gnosis with heavy missiles and sentry drones. Medium micro jump drive is a ‘must have’ untill you are familiar with NPC. It is your GTFO option.
Stay with L3 untill you have skills for L4.
L4 missions = active shield tanked Rattlesnake with rapid heavy missile launcher and all kind of drones. Some people prefer easy sniper mode, some go brawle, when you get there you will know what is most fun for you. L4 professionals use Machariel or Barghest to ‘blitz’ missions. They also focus very much on burners missions and you can easelyfind on that forum a bit outdated guides how to blitz missions.
Important is always do proper type of damage and know the triggers. That sort of information you can get from eve-survival web site.

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All this… (It was my first strategy when I returned to Eve)

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Well, a guy who refers to “military missions” is likely to be fresh from the career agents… I virtually tried every ship I could afford for missions (e.g. battle Nereus, cumbersome but fun), and the funny thing is, that the fun with these ships changed with my skills. As a Gallente pilot, I started with an Algos (up to Lvl2 with good drone skills) and a Vexor. Fighting with drones is a low microing way to get rid of that rats, great for new players.
At that time I was kinda disappointed by the Thorax, which promises to have much dps, but was not very effective for me (because of the lack of knowledge about railguns and blasters). After I trained some skills and learned to handle blasters, the Thorax became more and more fun. And if you like the Thorax, you gonna love the Talos, which is a blaster monster. My Minmatar alt was fun in a Rupture (while a Stabber is even more versatile, but thus needs more skilling), and my Caldari Alt killed Dagan in a Moa within seconds.
But for a start, try drones, and you even can go ratting in a Venture.

Each of these EVE University uniwiki links has hints and examples for skilling, too, so it’s a great overview for the first year(s) in New Eden.

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