Lv4 security gallente missions

in your vast experience in run misions and whith your own perspective… What is the better ship (and its module fit) for run 4th level gallente security missions ?


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I’ve had success with the machariel, rattlesnake works too never flown it though.


Dominix, Navy megathron Kronos

I’d say it would depend a bit on your skills.

I have used dominix, megathron, hyperion, proteus, and tengu for gallente L4 missions. The proteus, before it got nerfed into the ground, was pretty darn good. Not so much anymore though, as it lacks dps. The battleships are good, but you have to deal with elite frigates killing off your drones as soon as they pop out of the drone bay. So I don’t use those anymore.

So that leaves the tengu.

8 corp jumps in 6 months , dude, I am not sure you gonna get help in here. All answers untill now were troll attempts, mission runnnig is s serios business and it has rules to run missions effectively. End ships, used for L4 missions are maradeurs (tool, developed by CCP for that very job), Machariel (blitz mobil) and Rattlesnake (full room clearing device).

If you carefully go through the forum, you should see plenty of opinions, how to use them correctly.

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You can blitz lvl 4 missions in an armour fleetphoon seriously easy, no money needed for marauders unless you want a blinged out mission ship that will attract people who want to remove you from said ship. Dommi works fine as well.


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All L4 security missions are randomly equal for all Empire factions. So, the available or known fits are good more or less. Your performance there depends by how good are your character skills, how expensive is your fit and how well you know the mission objective. For example, you can perform the L4 burner missions with random level 4-5 combat skills, but be ready to lose ships time to time - it’s a blade runner mission mode being without perfect skills.

oO you can’t be proposed a mission vs an empire by an agent of that empire.

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Ah, yeah!

My post reflects it - I don’t understood the OP question completely. I don’t understand why @Tahale want to run the pure anti-Gallente missions. It’s a bad practice for standings, it’s a bad practice to farm faction Tags. Even storyline missions are worth doing compared to them. Fighting Gallente is near the same as fighting Syndicate and Serpentis, right? So, the same fits will work, until you’ll run the Gallente Epic Arc.

Maybe he does not want to tell you why he does this.

and maybe you can sort by yourself why he wants. IIRC the anti gallente is worth a lot in tags, and maybe he wants to use those tags.

Maybe off topic, maybe not but how likely is it that an alpha can run level IV missions? Are the skills good enough to complete one mission? Not necessarily looking for an efficiency answer

According to what he wrote in this topic, he does not.

he want to run gallente L4, which means a gallente agent.

please make your own thread, in the adequate section( pve)

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Ok. You know the frequency of anti-Empire missions by doing them for hi-sec agents. Isn’t it? Even burner missions happens more frequently. It’s not easy to get an empire mission which is anti-Gallente. You just can’t decline mission none stop for that kind of farming, it can be counted as farming overall.

In my opinion, it’s better to perform missions for FW agents in low-sec for this. Maybe he want to do this, which is possible by using T3 destroyers, Bombers with perfect skills. Guides exists.

I wasn’t sure if it was worth it? Hmm, maybe I will.