Which Battleship for Caldari/Gallente Space L4's

Hi Space Friends,

I recently returned to the game after a several year hiatus, and wouldn’t you know it, my real sexy Nightmare was somehow lost in my absence. I’m gonna be moving to Caldari or Gallente space, and I have to replace my baby :sob:

I have all races BS and T2 weapon to level 5. My gunnery skills are perfect, and missiles are like a week or so away. I’m about to finish training Maurader’s to 4, and I can also fly a Tengu.

My friend will usually be with me in a sentry Domi, so I really just need max DPS + damage projection. Since my return to the game, I think both T3C and Mauraders got some changes. Last I remembered, people were pretty hard for Mauraders and Tengus for L4 missions, but that was many moons ago.

Any insight on the matter would be very much appreciated!

If you’re trying to do your level4 missions in Low/Null- then Tengu is fine because of its stealth.

But for high sec, you’ll be far better served by using a battlefield. A T1 battleship is cheaper and faster at doing level 4 missions than a Tengu.

Marauders are really good with level 4 missions, but choose wisely. They are big gank targets- and at current pricing, you’ll have to do a lot of mission running before you make back the cost of your ship.

Machariel or Barghast are good I think.

depends on the goal. are you looking to blitz? or just casually running missions?

Looking to blitz

Typhoon Fleet or Macharial (especially mach against angel) are two really great ships.
TFI especially if you can learn how to fly manually…

Any marauder, if you can manage the risk of being ganked.

Machariel for blitzing (because of mobility)
Rattlesnake for DPS. The obvious reason is that other ships got bonuses for some certain damage dealing system. Rattlesnake got damage bonuses for two systems - you can deal missile damage and also bonused drone damage. The DPS out put will not be double of any other ship, but even so higher. With the exception of Leshak. But in usual missions NPS are dead long before Leshak’s DPS rampage to the maximum level, so again - Rattlesnake.

And no application bonuses. Paper DPS means nothing. With two different weapon systems you can’t have proper fit for either of them.

Voluntarily leaving the Golden Lands to dwell in selfmade exile in lesser areas?

Lol wut of course you can. You realize there’s reason why the gila/rattle dominate right?

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Dominate what? Definitely not L4 missions. Also gila is quite different gameplay than rattle.

Uh. The rattle breezes through 4s haha. Better than a marauder? Unsure but the rattle definitely has no problems running 4s. OP also stated he has friend too, so I mean they are going to be crushing 4s regardless. Marauders do tend to attract le gank tho.


Don’t be shy my boy, quote the whole post. Never claimed rattles do it better than marauders. Considering the very next line says unsure. Most likely not considering bastion but I’d say marauders are more gank prone than rattles.

It also depends where you’re running 4s tho.

Putting it as a question was silly enough.

A rattlesnake can’t even match the DPS of a bastioned marauder on pyfa, let alone applying that DPS.

Hence why its a question, not a statement. Reading comprehension my boy. A rattle/domi pair would smoke 4s without a doubt. Marauder/domi would do it faster but would attract a larger gank profile. Esp if he’s doing SoE.

Reading comprehension my boy.

You’ve been told that a marauder will have better DPS, better range, better application and better tank than you loved Rattlesnake. And you don’t seem willing (or maybe even able) to dispute that.
How can any doubt remain when the rattlesnake is outclassed in every meaningful way?
Sure, a ganker would probably go after a marauder with office modules rather than someone with 2-3 faction modules in a faction BS. But there is the thing: even if you go with a t2 fitted marauder you still outperform a Rattlesnake. Is not even close.

LOL never said it was. Bro calm down. I literally said I wasn’t sure if the rattle was better than a marauder. You need a hug dude? You must have saved some drone goo for that e-peen amirite?

For someone that “said nothing” you are putting quite an effort in having the last say.
Now, be a good boy and make it a suggestion to the OP instead of bugging me out for a hug you don’t deserve.