Best fits and ships for lvl 4 mission today

Looking for a new ship to fly for lvl 4 missions, I use a tengu which I love but want to try something that could do it faster. I don’t mind putting in the time on the skills and learning, let me know your thoughts.

Fly safe!

raven with cruises,
praxis cruises+sentries/heavies and armor rep

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Marauder !

MWD ON, move to the gate.
FIGHT, pew pew with guns.
Bastion OFF, take the gate.


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technical but I got it! lol love it

I love the Machariel. It’s the one ship that shoes the respect to the fact that most of your time is spent travelling, not fighting. It’s literally like 3-4x faster to get to destinations versus other BS

I was thinking about that. My only issue with the Tengu is that the frigs are missile waisters because they move so fast. So I wanted to go with something that can rock out some drones. My main thoughts were Golem and Dom.

The machariel has 100mbit bandwidth.

Also guns, unlike missiles, don’t get guaranteed damage reduction - you warp in and lock the frigs, and you 1-shot 3-4 of them before they get under your guns - perfect damage on them because they aren’t moving. Any left, sick some warriors on them.


The Machariel has a ROF bonus so on a lot of missions if you target frigates first you can pop all of them unless they start within 20km of the landing point.

Same thing with the turret marauders (in bastion).

There, fixed it. Gotta keep the noobs in their multi-billion isk marauders safe from the evil gankers.

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There is no safety in space, I’ve learned that through my years in even. There is always that one pilot.

Should stick to the popular dominix and raven suitable for players who refuse to think a bit harder.

It is obvious, taking out a station ship imposes all the precautions of use of PvP.

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