L4 MIssion Fits

What kind of fits and ships do people use these days to run L4s?

I guess still the same as always? I use a marauder, other than that use boats that can bring the highest applied DPS possible to the table, like faction battleships. If you cant fly battleships, then probably pimped out Tengu / Gila / Ishtar.

Rattlesnake and heavy assult cruisers work well. Gila is a popular ship for many things, but I have not used one yet.

Any specific fits for Rattlesnakes or Marauders or something?

3-4 slots for tank, maybe a prop mod, then everything else is damage and application. Works for pretty much any battleship, and heck marauders can use even less tank thanks to the bastion bonus.

imo machariel is one of the best options, flexible with slot layout can shield or armor tank it. My AC fit is armor with mwd + mjd, then my arty fit is shields. I use warp speed rigs for max warp speed to blitz fast, but you can go with all sorts of other options which should open up a lot of fits.

Standard passive gila does lv4s easy, can speed tank most damage, and you barely have to worry about drone aggro thanks to the huge HP bonus. No idea if it’s a fast option, but it’s a lazy one.

also check the forum post on burners, that’s where the real money is in lv4s.

I like to hoover up everything and not be concerned in the slightest about incoming DPS, so it’s a lazy, cap-stable Golem for me with MTU and salvagers.

I have been using a sniping Rokh, while not as exciting as a brawling ship say a Megathron it is just nice to sit far from the pesky mozzies (frigs), and pick them off 1 by 1.

Gila has no problem geting ~700 DPS and worry about tank less than in almost any BS. But it’s 95% AFK gameplay so may get boring easy.

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I am coming back to the game after a two year break. I was apparently using a passive fit Gila because I had one in the hanger. Ran Scarlett L4 last night and never got below half shields. Using 3 CX-3’s in the lows and 3 purger 2’s I was regening 90hps and had over 800dps with 14k shields. I’m playing around with it to try and fit a MWD. I like to clear missions and salvage everything so the only drawback to the Gila is the cargo hold.

For Amarrians pilots,

Starting out I used Bhaalgorn and Nestor with low skills these helped bridge the cap/dps gap with drones, strong tank, low cap/fitting turret requirements. Not prize winners but they get thru.

Armageddon Navy Issue is fabulous, Nightmare’s do ok (no hull bonus shield tank cap intensive), Paladin (Maurader) stomps everything with ease.

Abbadon’s are awful pve.

Also start with ammarrian ships and they suck in pve, endless searching of optimal and falloff will make u crazy, lasers have only 2 type of dmg so when u nave a few guristas or angel bs against u itll take eternity to blow them, so u need a specific region to do missions like blood or sansha but they make u suffer from disruptors.
Other thing is a missile ships, dont care bout distance to target, can do any types of dmg u need to blow it faster, can fire with autotargeting missles till ur ship lock targets, low slots are free for more dmg amp.

Armageddon, 7 high slots, 5 turrets, 5 launcher slots, large drone bay.

You are mistaken.

Bloods Sansha Rogue Drones and Serpentis even

Right … how bout low slots?


Well, it depends on what you’re doing. Any ship can be fitted for stuff, some are just better against certain enemies or in certain situations. Taking an Amarr laser boat against enemies that tank EM/Thermal will certainly suck compared to a ship set up to go through their resist holes instead. But that laser boat will be an absolute terror against enemies that don’t tank the damage!

Which is why pilots should not get too attached to a single (racial) ship type, weapon type or tanking method. I’ve been guilty of it too, trying to do everything with Minmatar ships and specifically projectile turrets plus shield tank. So guess what? Got stuck on a very nasty mission in the Amarr Epic Arc where my shields just weren’t up to it - I’m not a good enough player to use all those character skills to do it. So the next ship I bought was armed with Cruise Missiles instead, and an active Armor tank - and I completed it. Despite my missile skills being worse than my projectile skills. It was still a Minmatar ship, granted, but the resists on the armor and an extra low slot for one more resist module meant I was cycling the repair module much less despite still taking a lot of hits.

Depends on how you want to do the missions, if you’re blitzing (doing objective and gtfoing) then you’ll want something quick with high damage like a mach.

If you’re intending on wiping out every last rat then you’ll need some kind of solid tank for the incoming DPS and a weapon system capable of dealing with multiple sizes of rat so a shield domi comes to mind with it having sentries for long range and then a variety of drones for short range.


Great ship. Just got one not to long ago. Nice thing about hybrid guns vs. missles is they can apply damage at range without adding any percesion mods, or very little. I do carry a few types of ammo for different ranges and it does drop dps a bit with long range ammo. Not really a big issue with the ships solid dps, and dps application.

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You can pretty much get away with Null and Void, which are both dirt cheap to field. 2x tracking computers + Bastion gets you to 70km (40km seems to be the sweet spot).