Mach vs Typhoon Navy Issue [L4 Blitz]

Hello fellow capsulers,

I’m back from a 5 year long break and want to jump into L4 blitzing (i’ve read Abyssal / Incursions are better but want to start with L4s).

Before creating this thread i’ve found that Mach is still fine but TNI when properly used can outmatch it in terms of raw DPS output (RHML + Drones)

Anybody can shed some light how things are looking? I’m planning to mission in Amarr space (Sansha) so TNI would have advantage to ignore Tracking disruptors and laugh at it.

So, which one you would fly and why it’s better assuming max skills?


No L4 missions but I live in sansha space… and tried dozens of ships on them.

Mach is fast and awesome (angel’s hex skin +69dps) but if stuff is far away you waste time burning towards it… also td’s… 1 is manageable depending on fit but with 3 you have to bump targets to apply damage.

Typhoon Fleet Issue is better than a Mach vs. Sansha but there are better alternatives- Barghest, Praxis, Paladin. Depends on the mission I guess. How far apart are the gates, how big (amount and npc size) are the spawns.

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Thanks a lot for input!

I gave up my Mach for Vargur when Vargur came out, but it wasn’t a great trade until the 2nd marauder update. Before then I flew both the TFI and Mach.

TFI is a fkn wrecking ball if you throw some money into the tank.
Mach is not the best ship against Sanshas but if you are ONLY fighting them you can optimize either ship for them.

To get considerably and moderately better completion time you would have to move to Marauder class.

Have you considered a rattlesnake ?? with only a little bit of bling I find it can just crush all L4 missions easily. Again missiles/torps laugh at tracking disruption and you get tasty drone bonuses as well.

You also have the ability to completely focus damage on gaps.

I can understand that this might not be an option if you dont have appropriate skills but they aren’t terrible to get

If you can fly a TFI the only extra skill you need is Gallante BS, but by the time you fit the Rattler to be as effective as it can be it costs as much as a Vargur. And if you can fly a Mach effectively you just need the martauder skills.

So if the question was “what do you want to progress into”, the answer would undoubtedly be Vargur. The rattlesnake, TFI, and mach take mission completion times
from crushing to mediocore when compared to marauders these days.

“Blitzing” is ambiguous. If you are “blitzing” “like a pro” you’re running every burner and choosing the Mach because of its AU rating. If you just want to crush level 4 missions and not loot them that’s a completely different activity. The TFI or RS would be fun for that as far as non marauder battleships go.

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