Mach vs Typhoon Navy Issue [L4 Blitz]

Hello fellow capsulers,

I’m back from a 5 year long break and want to jump into L4 blitzing (i’ve read Abyssal / Incursions are better but want to start with L4s).

Before creating this thread i’ve found that Mach is still fine but TNI when properly used can outmatch it in terms of raw DPS output (RHML + Drones)

Anybody can shed some light how things are looking? I’m planning to mission in Amarr space (Sansha) so TNI would have advantage to ignore Tracking disruptors and laugh at it.

So, which one you would fly and why it’s better assuming max skills?


No L4 missions but I live in sansha space… and tried dozens of ships on them.

Mach is fast and awesome (angel’s hex skin +69dps) but if stuff is far away you waste time burning towards it… also td’s… 1 is manageable depending on fit but with 3 you have to bump targets to apply damage.

Typhoon Fleet Issue is better than a Mach vs. Sansha but there are better alternatives- Barghest, Praxis, Paladin. Depends on the mission I guess. How far apart are the gates, how big (amount and npc size) are the spawns.

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Thanks a lot for input!