Returning Player: Which of my ships are best for L4 missions?

Howdy! Looking to get back into this game after a 7 year break. Gonna start with L4 missions and I have the following hulls:

Dominx, Maelstrom, Typhoon Fleet Issue, Gila, Sleipnir.

I’ve got a fair chunk of modules in stock, but my actual on hand money is only around 300 mil. Since I’m relearning the game, something fairly simple/stupid proof would be appreciated. I’m also looking for a burner mission ship:

I’d say whatever one you can most completely fit with parts on hand. All of those hulls will run L4 missions fine.

I would google this subforum for burners. Plenty of existing threads with fits already exist.

IMO the worst is maelstrom. Worst T1 BS with the hyperion for missions.
Then the gila. It’s boring, even though it’s got good DPS.
domi is good for low skills, but then lacking in DPS. IIRC you can go 800 DPS@ 120km but you need to remain still to get your sentries back and it’s just not fun.

Then the two goods ones are sleipnir and phoon. I did not test the phoon FI recently, only the phoon and the standard version is very solid ; my guess is the NI is just as good. Sleipnir is actually the more fun since you need to get under the ennemies gun, even though it has a very nice tank and can track small targets easily. Only issue is the lack of range and DPS, as it only has 11.2 effective medium turrets and +50% to falloff.

Unequivocally the Typhoon Fleet Issue. You can get absurd DPS out of it with torps and it performs well enough in every other regard.

TFI. Drone/Missile.

I have always found torps ridiculous on battleships unless you are brawling other battleships, but to each their own.

I would check out Hateless gaming on youtube or twitch for burner tutorials.

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If you have a good drone/missiles skills, go with Typhoon Fleet Issue, is very solid. I recommend Cruise Missiles beause you have a lots of missions that are long ranged. I have done a lot of missions with my Typhoon FI and the completion times were very good. The only problem that you can face is if the mission have a lot of frigates, and for this case I swaped to Mach/Vargur sometimes. You have bonus to Projectile Weapons too, but typhoon is not very good with this type of guns, you dont have any range bonus to ACs, and a very limited powergrid to fit Artys, and even if you fit it, your dps will be very low.

Maelstrom… On paper looks good, but you will have many dificulties with it. If you use a Autocannon fit, is only ok on Minmatar space because Angel Cartel tends to be more close range, but if you get missions with long range NPCs your dps will be very low, if you want to close distance you will need a microwarpdrive and still is very slow, and you will use a loots of ammo feeding 8 ACs. With Artys the dps and tracking is low. My first Battleship and regreted to buy it, the day i sold it to invest on a Machariel it was a good day (old Mach of 2011, it was a beast at that time).

Domi ia a very good Drone platform and you can snipe with it, but yes, a bit low on dps. Gila and Sleipnir work ok, they have good dps. Always remenber that with Gila, you will relly on your drones, and they have travel time between targets.

I use this one, I’m also experimenting with Stratios.

80 dps/repaired is fine. lol dunno how to say that.

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