Nestor duo for level 4s

Any theorycrafting about it? I mean, are they used, or better, anyone is using them in efficient ways?

A bit of overkill and too slow.

If you’re interested in efficiency, it’s hard to go past a Macherial.

Totally doable with 2 Nestor’s, just not really needed.

Machariel and Rattlesnake are very efficient for running level 4 missions. Nestor has a number of unique features - logistics bonus, ship maintenance hangar, low mass, scanning and hacking bonus that make it a good choice for wormhole use.

There is no reason why you can’t use a pair of spider tanking Nestors for level 4 missions - they are pretty cheap these days. If you think you’ll enjoy that - go for it.

It only takes one Mach, Nightmare and Rattlesnake to do the work of two ships in a L4

I’m using double snakes for full clears, but i just wanted to know if anyone was doing lv 4s in nestors, i’ve once saw two of them undocking from a mission hub

Wardeccers use Nestor’s as beefed up logi. They also regularly check mission hubs for war targets.

Not saying that is what it was, just a common use of the Nestor in highsec.

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Yes there has been.

too much tank, not enough damage, I wouldn’t use it. Mach blitzing will make more money with less clicking.

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