Looking to train a duo for l4s

Hello all,

While I keep smashing out l4s in my rattlesnake, ive been tempted to train up another account to make it that much quicker.

Any recommendations on another BS to use? I keep reading that a Domi is just straight forward. Put drones on assist and sleep.

Am I better off on having another rattlesnake? I don’t mind to start off on a Domi, just would like something a bit more active

End goal is to move to DED sites, will start off in high sec until I get comfortable with my set up before moving to low sec

I use to run an EOS as second box. Now I just run two machs or a Vargur + Mach. It’s hectic, but very quick.

Dominix are easy to train, but move painfully slow. Usually they are run in a RR setup.

Unless you’re going for a tinker RS setup, I’d train for a different ship/skillset. Projectile instead of missiles, or a T3 for cloaky operation. Or a Stratios can be effective for up to DED 5.

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Cheers ill go for a vargur, id like to try something different.

Time to get a skill planner going Haha

Right now i’m beginning my double RNI career, a lil bit worried about ammo, 16 lauchers are a lot, and damage application over small targets

You want a marauder. If just one get a golem as it will work overall the best in all areas. Pirate BS like the NM and mach work very well also.

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