Looking for advice!

Im an old player that restarted about a year ago…i made a new account and bought skill injectors to boost sp to around 10 mill…im currently sitting at around 13 mill sp…my skills are mainly around drones and armor tanking cuz i play a dominix for lvl 4 missions…i am currently thinking of sinking another 600 bucks into account 1 year omega and the rest plex to sell for moe injectors…i love my domi for lvl 4’s but my question is should i waste injectors training towards a rattlesnake since alot of people say thats a great lvl 4 mission runner…or should i just focus on my domi…and keep investing in better support skills since im already using it…and eventually work gun skills to get into a kronus…just trying to figure it out before i waste alot on injectors.

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I do love my Kronos, it’s a solid ship for missions. I also have spent some time using a rattlesnake. I would have to give a bit of an edge to the rattlesnake as the overall better ship.

Honestly: don’t.

600 bucks is a lot of money and you will be surely bored of missions pretty soon. They are one of the lowest common denominator in terms of getting isk in highsec.
Since you have already armor and drone skills, consider using a Stratios and do some exploration like DED plexes, its more fun and can bring a lot more isk if youre lucky - after that you can skill towards a Vindicator longterm and do some incursions in a fleet. Gunnery is a must- have in the longterm because it improves your Domi DPs with railguns and opens a wide variety of ships.

If you really want missiles, I would skill rapid lights first and crosstrain a bit towards the Gila (since it uses drones and Gallente cruiser) and try some Abyss sites, they can drop serious money for the time invested - just be careful and start slowly until you learn the mechanics.

Other than that, stay with Gallente for now and dont branch into other races yet, its way too early with such a small SP pool, focus on support skills and improve what you have now. For lvl 4, its so easy that basically everything can run them. Rattlesnake is of course better, but it should be used for other content, where you can utilize the huge tank.


U can buy a year omega and injectors get by using isks from what u get in missions coz theres nothing else to spend em for. I choose rattle coz of huge dps he do all the job like domi but faster, so yea it worth it.

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ok i was considering Gila too…but that means training shield skills and HML’s?

Edited my post above: rapid light missiles for Gila and yes, you need shield tank. If you dont have it at all, you can also use Ishtar just fine ( but dont take it above lvl 3 in Abyss, it will be difficult, since Ishtar leans more towards sentries and Gila is mobile with medium scouts)

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What about just going for the Kronus with that amount of isk ill have i should be able to buy like 15 injectors and get into one…that will get me to tech 2 blasters also

Kronos is the worst marauder out of the 4… I wouldn’t do it. Rather spend the skill points on shield skills and gunnery for other ships, you will need them at some point anyway. If you want Gallente BS, then Vindicator for incursions is the better investment.

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I want to agree with you on Vindicator for incursions but i dont see people doing them anymore not like they did a few years ago…how would i go about finding them? BTW i can already pilot the ship just need the gun skills

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Get the rattlesnake

They are still doing them regularly - join TDF-Official channel (the ditanian fleet) - and ask for further instructions. just flew a round with the boys recently myself.

About the Rattlesnake - keep in mind that you need well skilled cruise missiles / rapid heavys to fully utilize the potential and thats a lot of skillpoints. Also, you need the full suite of shield skills as well and Caldari BS at least to 4. Its up to you if you want to buy that much skill points, but I’d rather spend them to improve the stuff youre using right now.

I tried the Rattle myself in missions and while the paper DPS is very high, I found the application lacking, youre battling lots of smaller stuff mostly and you either overkill them with cruises, or they spend travel time to kill, then you have to juggle around with drones: deploy/scoop sentries, deploy gecko or mediums while travelling to the gate, always assign the right targets… in the end I found my Vargur way better in terms of damage application, so in my opinion the Rattle is overrated for lvl 4.

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Thx McRoll…u convinced me ill keep Domi for lvl 4’s…and work on Vindicator gun skills…i can also work on exploration skills with my stratios or nestor.

LOL just read fits for Vindicator in incursions…they are all shield tanks…cant i use my armor skills for incursion? seems a waste since i have alot invested.

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There are both shield and armor variants, depends on what fleets youre flying with. Vindi can be flown with both shield and armor. for example the ditanian fleet uses exklusively armor tanked ships in their fleets.

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Good to have a fallback occupation to avoid EVE burn out. I heavily augment my mission running by exploring and find enough difference and change of scenery to keep my subscription going 10+ years. I tend to run my Stratios during the weekdays for exploration; less competition for the sites and fewer complications if I dip into low sec. Tend to run missions on the weekends and since I usually go against Serpentis, tend to run a Kronos. Dealing 1460+ dps and doing full clears works out fine for me, even if I could earn more blitzing the missions in a Mach for the LPs. Just make sure that no matter what direction you choose, it remains fun. Keep your options open and realize that CCP may change a ship,module, or game mechanic such that it invalidates what you have been doing for months; shrug,adapt, and move on. Welcome back!

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Yea i get burnt out alot…cuz i wont even leave high sec…ill put the money in eve…just cuz im hoping more skills means more fun…but even if it isnt and i get bored its my own fault for not trying pvp just cuz i dont want to lose my implants.

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missions are bad in general, I wouldnt really invest in that tbh. Wormholes tho…

Then maybe you should just shush.

@Tavaris_Nardieu have a look at this link: https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Jump_clones

It sounds like you just need a jump clone, so that you can leave your implants in a high sec station, jump into an empty clone (pod with no implants) , and run off to low/null to try out some PvP. It is fun and you can start with a T1 frig (it sounds like the Tristan could be a good starting point for you, as it has Drone bonuses on the hull).

Edit: Maybe also consider joining a player run corp that does PvE and PvP activities.

Edit2: Though I thought CAS did have a contingent out in Syndicate so you may be able to get out there fairly easily.


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Speaking as a newbie who once vowed never to leave hisec:

You should leave hisec.

Eventually, anyway. You’ll make much more isk in low and null, especially if you do exploration.

So maybe don’t move out of hisec permanently, but be prepared to work out there. That’s where the money/adventure/engaging stuff is.

Thx cypress ill look into this clone thing…and yea i was thinking tristan to start but watching videos on youtubes makes me nervous cuz they are overheating stuff targeting drones and so much multitasking i cant even imagine the micromanagement skills needed for pvp

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