Need a ship... which one?

Hello all,

What are some good ships for PVE combat?

I have 130,000,000 isk from mining as a budget.

Thanks in advance!

It depends on the PVE activities you’re looking for.

Generally missile and drone ships are regarded as optimal for major PVE.

If you take a missile path, you would try following ships.
Kestrel → Corax → Caracal → Drake → Raven

For the Drone path, you will try following ships.
Tristan → Algos → Vexor → Myrmidon → Dominix

Guristas ships like Gila and Rattlesnake are popular options for both drone / missile pilots as well.

Considering your budget, you may start with Drake or Myrmidon, then push forward your path.


130m isk… how much of that are you wanting to spend? You have to look at the type of PVE combat you are wanting to do. Is it missions?

You’ll want to look at how much the mods will cost vs cost of the ship vs cost of insurance, vs cost of ammo.

some small ships that can run L1 missions will only cost a few mil in isk… but won’t break you. Another option to make some extra isk is to get a small destroyer fit it with salvagers/tractors and see if you can follow a mission runner and loot/salvage to make some passive isk.

Never fly a ship you can’t afford to quickly replace.

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Also depends on what you are skilled to fly, some skillbooks can cost that much… so look at what kind of ships you want to go with… Id go with what @Katana_Masen mentioned with the missile route of kestrel/caracal/drake/raven… I skipped using the corax, but it will make a fine sub for as I mentioned above, loot/salvaging behind mission runners.

Thanks for the replies… I don’t mind spending it all on one ship. I can just mine for more and make it back.

Not sure on the type of missions I will run. I did the base tutorial that goes a little into all aspects but will do the PVE tutorial next. Just mined to get a decent lvl of isk (or what I think is decent).

Is there a good website that shows the best fits or tiers or something? @Katana_Masen @Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras @JayEm_HighCastle

Side note, been awhile since I last played so I’ll go omega again to speed up the skills.

all the fitting websites are obsolete… they had a section on here for certain fittings, but not much really in the way of PVE i don’t believe.

shoot us a message at we are a service that primarily runs missions to raise standings. We have a wide variety of experience with fittings and ships for different level missions…

Only the fitting website effectively working as of now I know is eveworkbench.
I haven’t checked whether it provides good fits for Newbie friendly PVE things.

EVE University Website sometimes provides fit examples. The website itself and their activities are awesome but I’ve never been impressed with their fits tbh.

Some examples of PVE activities you can try in highsec

  • Security Missions
    Killing corresponding pirate NPCs in the highsec systems in solo. There are Lv1 to Lv5 security missions. Lv5 is only available in the lowsec space.
    Generally Destroyer for L1, Cruisers for L2, Battlecruisers for L3, Battleships for L4. You can use faction cruisers ( ex. gila ) instead of battlecruisers.

  • DED sites
    Clearing “DED site” which appears as a cosmic signature, or as a result of “escalation” of the combat anomalies in the highsec. You may be guided into the exclusive sites which may “potentially” drop valuable items ranging from 1M to 300M per site. You can start with Tech 1 Cruisers.

  • Abyssal Deadspace
    Clearing the exclusive and instanced PVE content which may potentially drop some valuable items including Mutaplasmids. You need an abyssal filament to enter the site and must clear the three rooms within 20 minutes, otherwise you will lose the ship and implants. You can’t retrieve wrecks if you are dead in the abyssal sites. You can start with Tech 1 Cruisers.

  • Incursion
    Fleet PVE contents which is much risky and rewarding than L4 missions. It requires battleships or Tech2 Logistic Cruisers. There are several newbie friendly incursion communities. Pop on the “Warp To Me Incursions” or “The Ditanian Fleet” in game channels if interested.

Chose whatever you want.


Personally I’ve found the drone ships very consistent and easy to clear content quickly. I went the turrets route to start with and I’m kind of kicking myself for not going for drones and missiles earlier.

I’m no veteran but I’ve found that an Algos can clear quite a lot of stuff, and even with my skills only in the 3/4 range for most things related to drones and fitting I can put 140 dps consistently at almost 50km away with a destroyer. From what I understand, the Vexor is a beast for clearing PvE, although I’m not there yet.


oh well…

  • Magnate → Dragoon → Arbitrator → Prophecy → Armageddon

  • Breacher → Talwar → Bellicose → Cyclone → Typhon

and I guess we can mention Mordu’s Legion and Sister of Eve too.

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Just started doing T0 with a catalyst and much better than mining with my retriever. Def wanna do these “T’s” with missile ships

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