PVE Ships for People that are new to EVE ( as in 6 months or less Game time)

Good day all EVE pilots I am looking at starting a discussion and advice thread for real new players, I am finding that EVE in an very challenging but enjoyable game. The largest problem I am running into is that most of the players that you meet and ask for advice are old hands at the game, and frustration sets in when a player make a comment but you should be able to shoot him/her/that/rat at so many km’s why did you not. Only after an half hour or longer discussion about modules that you can not fit it comes down to a skill that needs training to Lvl 5 for that to happen . So all the experienced players help us newbies tell us what ships to aim for and what skills go with them. Skilling for the wrong ships at low level hurts


Hard to beat vexor, good for missions, combat sites, epic arcs, hell they can even to lvl3s missions if you are clever

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Caracal for first cruiser,vexor navy issue if you want to move to nullsec anom, drake or gila for next step up and after rattlesnake lastly

This could be a very good thread but it has to be a bit more than just good starter ship, when a 100% brand new player joins the game they aren’t likely to simply click through the racial selections and read them and pick a race they like or will be wanting to role play.

There has to be viable choices for each race and not just train to X ship with Y weapon system.

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For PVE as a new player, missile and drone boats are the way to go, no matter the race. No worries about tracking, transversal, etc. Just set your drones to aggressive, and spam missiles everywhere (that never miss). Win. The Caracal, Drake, Gila, and Rattlesnake are the obvious choices.

And that teaches a new player nothing.


I’d actually leave drone boats to the older players. Newer players, who still enjoy all the details and the many things to do, might be better advised with a turret-based or at least a missile-based ship, which will teach them some about range, target size, NPC types, etc…

Best would be a short-range turret ship. Either blasters, pulse lasers or auto cannons and to learn stuff like getting under another ship’s tracking, how to use speed for tanking and so on.

A ship where lots can go wrong can also be a great teacher. And when done right are they a lot of fun and produce plenty of DPS.

It’s up to OP to say what kind of player he/she is.

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So put up your ship for contender for the newbie player, lot of what you said makes no sense to a new player, will sit there and just go huh what are you talking about.

So put up a ship that the new player can aspire to or give a direction for them to skill to. That would of great help to them.

What exactly would you like to start with? Can I assume that you’ve already done the tutorials and followed through with the career agents? if not then you first want to do this.

Next question will be what type of race of ships you want to start with in case it’s not Caldari.

Nope did the basic tutorial, 2 days in game got invite to stain region been here since and getting to know eve.

i started this thread more for the information value it can have to new players, and I mean really new players. Not somebody who has a couple of months in the game but days. Most of the advice you get is more for players with some experience I would say about 6 months in game or so. That leaves a gaping hole for players who are under that. They(me) are at a loss as to what to fly and what to do. I am not so much worried about what I can do but where am I headed in this game and that is where the rub of the matter lies. I have not found a clear or even clouded examples of ships that a newbie can aspire to and use effectively. Got onto the Gila by accident and have been using it for anything and everything from ratting to running lvl 3 missions. So I would suggest for any new player to get skilled for the Gila as fast as possible. Is that wrong is there a better ship, what would the skills be like to use the Gila effectively, what skills should be getting priority drones or missiles, things like that. If there is a thread that discuses this point me at em

Frankly a single thread won’t cover it. Take a look at the following graphics. It shows all the things one can do in EVE and you would need to create a thread for each of them. I suggest you turn towards EVE University, which tries to do exactly that. They have the most complete information in this matter and you will often find yourself on one of their web pages when you search for information.

The Gila is powerful and forgiving, but you’re not going to learn much about combat with it I’m afraid. Maybe it’s the reason why you are now looking for other ships and because you didn’t learn much from it. You will know.


An Amarrian line answer.

Firstly, you will want to spend a fair bit of time training armour and engineering skills. Shields are less important. Capacitor size, recharge and gun capacitor efficiency skills are also extremely useful. As are skills that reduce capacitor usage on propulsion modules and improve armour repair.

You have two options and it depends on personal preferences and training. Either you are going down a route of better every turret skills - aiming to get advanced medium beam or pulse lasers, or you are more drone focused.
Whatever you do for Good Cruiser flying will serve you well in Battlecruisers.

There are two logical lines of ships:
Drone Focused:
Dragoon -> Arbitrator -> Prophecy.
Turret Focussed:
Coercer -> Omen/Maller -> Harbinger.

Amarrian Drone ships tend to be support ships - a bonus to drones and a bonus to a support skill: weapon disruption or capacitor warfare. Both support skills are of minor use when mission running. It is Amarrian drone ships I started in - all the way to a Prophecy. It was interesting, but the Turret ships are more effective and provide a better route to level 4 missions in a battleship.

Don’t do easy missions in an overpowered ship. That’s what everyone will tell you to do for most efficient grinding. If you enjoy grinding then great, get a Gila and bore yourself silly. If you want to learn how to balance resources - capacitor and defensive depth against speed, range and damage, to become a better player and to enjoy the challenge, then go for Empire T1 ships.
All easy mission winning Gilas and their “quickest/easiest” ilk will teach you will be how little you know when you face a real person or a more advanced AI opponent. @Whitehound is right. (must stop saying that).

And you can buy five Harbingers for the cost of a Gila. A 250m ISK hull is not in any way new player friendly.

So Amarrian Cruiser - learn in a Coercer, then:
If you fancy learning to manoeuvre in a fight, manage range and resources - an Omen.
If you fancy learning to brawl in close while managing armour against an opponent, a Maller.
If you are the kind of person who wants to stand back and use technology to cripple an opponent, the Arbitrator.
The Augoror is a logistics/repair ship. That’s a different lesson!

But train the basic skills. If you can’t fit a DC2 and you boil our your cap in seconds, then I’ll be sarcastic when I see you in space.

If you don’t want to learn how to fly in Eve and just want to be a drone in a corporate fleet pressing F1 like a monkey getting peanuts. Buy a Gila.
If you want to learn to fight. Buy an Omen.


like @Whitehound said, a single thread won’t cover it. There are so many paths you can take 6 months can land you just about anywhere. imo the first 6 months are mostly about learning the basics and training some core skills so you can decide what you want to focus on. Honestly the first 6 months I was moving through things so quickly it’s hard to look back and think any of it needs a super detailed guide.

You can make a pretty decent character in 6 months, My first month month was mostly rushing into a drake to run lv3 missions. From there I focused on core skills and around month 5 I was in a raven running lv4 missions. Honestly I made a lot of random choices on the way there, like I had a pretty bad amarr+gunnery splash (although I ended up liking that part so I focused on it more later), and had to do the learning skills, so I’d guess a new player these days could do better.

Sounds like you found the gila, and with that and some focused training you will probably be even better at missions in a gila than I was in a raven at 6 months old. Wish a ship like that was around when I was a newb.

and sure many threads focus on content for experienced players as a lot of us have been around a while, but a lot of that is doable with lower skills and meta modules. Missions with alpha skills are still doable, it will likely just be a bit slower, and you probably need to be a bit more careful. A max skilled alpha raven probably outperforms my 6 month old character’s raven from years ago. I have an account that expires in about a month, maybe I’ll take a look at alpha ships again then.

imo every race has viable options for the first few months, but this is eve everyone can train anything. Most people are looking for efficiency, so of course certain popular options end up getting recommended, and I’d say most of those recommendations are outside of the first 6 months.

If something like VNI ratting is a goal you are probably in an alliance big enough that someone can help you out with that. Anyways it’s a navy cruiser, shouldn’t take too long to get into it with okay skills.

noob question here, everyone recommends the rattlesnake for PVE as a missile boat, wouldn’t the raven be better since it has bonuses for missiles?

Because most people prefer the snake to the raven due to the drone bonuses. my personal opinion, I use Raven specificially for the cruise missiles when i do L4’s. Especially since almost every L4 they aggro drones, and I use precision cruise when I get tired of dropping/pulling in/dropping drones.

Gallente bonus:
10% bonus to kinetic and thermal missle damage

Caldari Bonus:
4% bonus to all shield resistance

Role bonus:
275% bonus to Sentry Drone, and Heavy Drone damage and hitpoints

5% bonus to RHM, Cruise, and Torpedo launcher Rate of fire per level
10% bonus to cruise and torpedo missile velocity

So, its more about drones than missiles for the 'snake

The Gnosis is the easiest battlecruiser to jump in since it only requires Spaceship Command I which Alpha Clones have available by default. It can run all weapon types and with it’s 6/6/6 slot lay-out is very versatile for fitting shield or armor tanks, plus it’s natural resistance stats are all equal across the board. The ship also has a 75 m³ Drone Bay with 50 Mbit/sec Drone Bandwith. The Gnosis can definitely create some havoc with high skills added with it’s bonus stats.

25% bonus to Medium Energy Turret, Medium Hybrid Turret and Medium Projectile Turret damage
25% bonus to Heavy Missile and Heavy Assault Missile damage
50% bonus to Drone hitpoints and damage
37.5% bonus to Core and Combat Scanner Probe strength
• Can fit Warfare Link modules


while that is true, the downside is if they lose it, they lose out since the insurance is crap for it since all it takes to build it is 1 trit.

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Well, Insurance payout is crap for any ship but that’s not what this thread topic is about.

I’m pretty sure the market price to replace a Gnosis ship is rather cheap compared to replacing other Battlecruisers.

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Insurance has mot once covered the cost of the ship lost for me, but as you said the thread is not about that.

The idea of a Gnosis is appealing for the low skill requirement, bonuses look interesting. So we at least had a person give us newbies some guidance on the amar, wish I had some thing like that for the Galante or Caldari I skilled all races for cruiser BTW, so I am easy for all races lookinginto what race to follow forthe battle ship route


Battleship route for caldari, my preference is raven due to missile bonus, never was huge on turrets. If you prefer using drones, a rattlesnake is best bet. Ewar you’ll wanna look into a scorpion.

Raven takes a while to get where you can do l4s solo, but having a friend tag a long until your skills improve is always fun.

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