First 3 days of playing EVE


As title suggests, i am new to the game and jumped on with 0 experience. Upon start up the game looked pretty good. Plenty of UI customisation, Clear communications and prompts aswell as sizing/ layout was done well by default.

However after changing my Graphics/screen settings the game bugged and i was no longer able to continue the tutorial as the ‘next’ button was no longer responsive when clicked. i was able to find a way to skip tutorial and join the full game.

I explained the problem in rookie help and was shortly gifted a million coins and messaged by a ‘GM’ who gifted me what looks like a starter pack containing a few ships to aid me in playing eve. From there he suggested i join ‘sisters of eve’.

I joined the clan and was messaged by the guy to do a scholarship program where i learn the game. From there he took me through wormholes to a base in the middle of nowhere and gifted me a ship. He then got in a healing ship that healed me and filled capacitors for me to fight a narcotics warehouse.

We were able to beat the narcotics warehouse and received a drop worth 32million coins, i then requested split between us 3 and received 9 million coins. (coins is isk). However after completeing the encounter i was at a random base 66 jumps away from the starting point and my closest mission was very far away.

I went and mined and did some combat however where i was it was 0.6 to -0.4 and i was trying to mine in beginner venture so i was getting attacked often and taking alot of damage. i went to a level 0.8 area where a rare event shortly spawned and 2 hit my ship into the grave. i stopped mining at this point because i then believed mining is group content.

from there i was down much more then i had made from mining and decided to try pvm with the ship the scholarship guy gave me. The ship was strong and completely kitted out. It could handle small encounters and some waves of enemies. the combat in it felt pretty okay. I was able to do damage.

I had at this point put a few levels in to turrets and relevant abilities but most of the combat i was facing was 0.4 to -0.4 so my ship was struggling. i was making 12-36k coins per kill averaging 20 minutes per hideout with a yield of 600k. the ships cost is 20 million and the amount of times i get close to death is scary. the 2 million varient is significantly weaker and would not have a chance of defeating a -0.4 hideout.

After a day of struggling to find a viable method to make coins i ran into the issue of the lasers that i was buying had run out. So i was stuck unable to pvm and running veldspar was risky in 0.4 areas as npcs often attack and my venture cannot defend itself. I reached out in rookie chat and was met with a private message that helped alot.

So the area i was in i was selling ores for cheaper and paying more for most tier 1 items. The area is almost covered in nullsec so getting in and out of the area is alot of jumps if you want to be safe. The person i was talking to said i had been exploited at this stage for cheap ore and expensive tier 1 weapons.

I had then worked out what it ment by the average price in grey text. I had luckily not changed my home portal so i could die and return to main base area where i would be able to buy weapons and sell ores for a normal price.

From there i had also learnt it is 100x easier to select chips on the right hand tab then actually clicking the ship. That should be number 1 info you give to new players 100%. After learning that i was able to fight ships 10x easier and teleport away quicker and safer.

Overall the game is pretty fun, has alot of content and activities, there is pvp and pve aspects. The ‘sisters of eve’ group probably shouldnt be adverted by GMs and if they were adverting a group it should be at the starting areas of each trade hub for each faction to prevent players in sisters of eve taking you to the middle of nowhere. The activity was fun and paid alot but being stuck in nullsec area is not worth it.


You know waaayyy too much and are able to explain waayyy too many things you all did as a “newbie”, somehow within a day, could all remember by name and write down. Meaning you’re overdoing the “lets purposely not use EVE names for things to look more like a rookie” because if you could remember all the other things you could remember “corp” instead of “clan”.

You were asking a whole bunch of troll questions in Rookie which already set off the alarms.


i 100% assure you i am new to eve day 3, if you have been in rookie chat you would have seen me ask 100 questions. I play other games and i am really good at them. Apologies for being too skilled to be presented as a noob on day 3.

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Sure buddy.

to be fair, my primary game lately has been ‘Runescape’. After getting boss log on all bosses on both oldschool and rs3 i quit. Now im here

you have added a new message ‘you were asking a whole bunch of troll questions in rookie which already set off the alarms’. I was asking noob questions that would be asked by somebody who wasnt able to make it past 2 minutes of the tutorial because of a bug. You need to stop being toxic please. Its unnecessary.

Nah, you smelled like an alt right from the start. 12 minutes after your character was created and you started “asking questions” in rookie.

I’m not going to do a back and forth and waste more time on this. GL with your spai alt.

i dont know whether to be insulted by the fact you think im an alt or complimented for being too good to be seen as a new player. i think it automatically put me in rookie chat im unsure. This was just my experience playing for the first time. You need to understand that i have completed the hardest content on most mmos, im going to pick things up faster then your average 20-30yr old casual gamer.

Just ignore him. I’m not sure why he cares, even if you were an alt.

Welcome to Eve, hopefully it was a learning experience for you.

Wish you much success and a long career here in New Eden…


I have to wonder who takes the time to write these kinds of posts. If a new player is having fun he is having fun, he is not coming to forums and explain why. It really makes no sense. But im glad you are having fun

Welcome to EVE @iraamA

The Sisters of EVE the GM was referring to is a Epic Arc which contains missions sponsored by major NPC factions. Specifically the Sisters of EVE: Blood Stained Stars is the mission arc recommended for new players once the complete the Career Agents which Aura guided you to.

In game, you can use the + button on the chat list and type Sisters of EVE Help to join a help channel for instructions on how to start this mission. GM’s provide help if you get stuck in this chat only. Rookie help can also help you on the right path, but finishing all 5 Career Agents is recommended first as the Destroyer class ship you receive as a reward is required to finish the Arc.

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Welcome to EvE! Looks like you can deal with unfairness, that’s a good start. The mechanics are fairly balanced even though it might not look like it on first glance, but the space is open PvP game for everybody. :slight_smile:

I see you eventually got rescued by Absolute Order. In AO we have regular mining fleets, and a corp for that ( which you are now in ). Welcome to Eve !

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After a few more days of learning, the GM put me on the right track. A random person in the sisters of eve chat recruited me hence why i thought it was a sisters of eve clan aswell as him taking me to a sisters of eve station.

So far the mechanics to the game are good but pretty simple. the amount of time between upgrades is okay. The trading system works nicely and the pvp aspects are enticing. However the gambling aspect to this game is a scam and probably should be looked at. It adds alot of spam to local chat. Gambling in games is fine aslong as players dont profit off each other especially in the 20% region per draw.

When i questioned it in rookie chat i was met with ‘dont like it dont play it’ aswell as requested to change topic. Out of all players, the new players in rookie chat should be aware of the scams so they dont fall victim to them rather then have chat moderators and bystanders tell me to hush.

I have tried a few of the encounters aswell as abyss gates, the combat is very simple, does it get more complex? because at the moment its very simple, very slow and not replayable. i dont mean to trash talk the game but its click target, click 1 button and watch health bars. movement only makes a difference if they are moving towards you quickly indicating they are projectile ships but other then that there is nothing else to it. If this is the only combat in the game then i will que skills and quit untill i can pvp in ships. its sad but without difficulty it will just get boring and i would end up quitting permanently before reaching the end of my omega.

Movement means everything in this game. As you get deeper into whatever you decide to do (PvP, abyssals) it won’t be „sit and watch health bars“.

Have you done level 4 missions yet, DED sites, covert sites, or T6 Abyssals (to name a few solo high end PvE combat options)? Also what are your dscan, probing, hacking skills? Your manual piloting the ship?

This is a PvP game. But skipping PvE is also missing the opportunity to learn ships, fits and mechanics, at least the basics. If you can’t wait, fit a cheap PvP-ship and jump to lowsec, and see how it’s going.

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After a long day i watched content on the game and read reviews. Unfortunately i cant pursue this game because of the pvp aspects as they are near unavoidable. There should be pve and pvp zones rather then 1 pvp zone between hotspots that gets camped. Further more waiting months before being able to effectively farm for ships that do stand a chance is not worth the time for what you get.

some people will like this game im sure of it but due to the fact that i can lose a ship i spent $5 on to a random group of 3 ships when my primary objective was to get from 1 pve site to the other is not worth it. its bad enough that in the pve zones it takes 1-100 hours to make back a ships value then to lose it when transporting your ship from point a to b because there is 0 safe routes i just cant justify to myself to continue playing/ funding the game.

This is my last reply, thanks for your patience with my questions. Goodluck with the game, i wont be returning but i hope the best.

What a development … lol

At least he picked up the point of Eve quick and decided it wasn’t for him.