First 3 days of playing EVE

And that’s why new players start in cheap ships.

But every day there’s new players who know better because of their superiour intellect and quit because it doesn’t work their way. Surprise.

watched space combat from a streamer, tried to do the same but i got destroyed way faster then him with a bigger ship. Spent the last few hours looking to see if you can do anything in the game to increase damage, defensives or anything like that but outside of waiting for skills there is nothing. I cant farm isk knowing $5 is 500million so there has to be another way i can dedicate my time to increasing the stats of my ship but there is litterally nothing. I shouldnt have bothered logging back in. Honestly feels like one of those phone games putting you behind a timegated paywall.

In theory, every ISK you make is a skillpoint you can have by buying Alpha/Small/large Skill Injector from market.

So technically you could just grind ISK and “get better” that way.

But otherwise I agree, I don’t understand why so many players sees the time-training as something awesome. I do not. It means that you can’t get better by your efforts, it will happen automatically after some time passes.

Honestly, if you want to start playing this game and be good at it, you have two options as I see it:

  1. sub for 1 year, buy some PLEX and sell it on market to get ISKs to get skills, inject skills and train all ships, al support skills and fill your queve for a year. Log out, come back after 1 year - now you can actually start.
  2. Spend few thousands of $ for PLEX sell it for ISK, but injectors, inject it all in day 1. Now you can start playing.

Oh yes and probably the cheapest method:

  • Buy preexisting character with lots of skillpoints on character bazaar. And then you can actually start playing.

pretty much right, but when you calculate time needed per injector its unrealistic and pursuing that is not worth anyones time. for every hour you spend you save 4 minutes due to injector. That means the entire time you spend you make no ship purchases, no implant purchases, no combat situations just purely farming. When you upgrade to procurer after a few days you get to save 12 minutes per hour which is better but if i was given the option to grind 70 hours mining that week or wait an extra 14 hours then every time i choose wait.

Im glad i was able to see this early on before being stuck in a state of sunken fallacy where i would only play because of time/$ invested rather then because it was a good game.

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Well, that was kind of a mistake.

Bigger is not better. Bigger is just different. And more likely more expensive, slower, easier to get hit, and depending on how big of a ship: attracts unwanted attention.

Mistakes are OK. Part of the point of the game is to enjoy making them, learning from them, and improving you as a pilot. Your butt-in-chair skills. The skill in the grey matter between your ears.

Hey if the game isn’t for you, that’s fine. I personally enjoy the time it takes to skill up. It forces me to operate within scarce resources (skillpoints) and get creative with my goals and ship fits.

If your goal is „get biggest ship and have highest stats“ in a mistaken idea of treating Eve like Themepark MMOs — then Eve probably is not a good fit.

If you don’t have fun playing, or not seeking for fun but some kind of efficiency, then it’s probably not your game. Regardless of skill point level, there is always something to do in EvE. If you feel weak you can join a corp or NPSI community where individual SP doesn’t matter that much.

Watched Lionel Messi fooling opponents, tried to do the same, but the opponents just laughed at me as I found myself laying on the ground after falling over my own feet.

How many years of training and experience do you think these Twitching guys have gathered, and what makes you think you can just skip that?

Indeed, it’s a long term engagement. But you can train in Frigs up to Battleships while being Alpha as well.
CCP offers a service and maintenance for players who play for years, some for more than a decade. This cannot be for free, someone has to pay. So you have to find out how much you think it’s worth. And if you think it’s not worth the money do something you prefer, this is plainly reasonable.
In the end, it’s just a game.

what ship did he die in and what killed him

yeah the account has done nothing, you knew i had an alt before i did. Created 2020 with 5k isk and 375k skill points. named ‘amin arship’ (say it out loud). Pretty sure i have never left the dock on the account but cant be certain i dont remember.

i tend to disagree, a bigger does more damage. i have witnessed a what looked to be a cruiser destroy my ship in 3 hits. if a mistake sets you back an hour from your goal its no biggy, but this mistake has cost me 10-15 days from my goal. like i said earlier there will be people that enjoy the waiting and feel like waiting 3 months for an upgrade is an achievement but vast majority wont.

I think you forget you can do litterally nothing when you start eve. The 1 million points help but that wont change the fact that everyone got that upgrade and chances are you will put points into lines of skills that you will not use in the first year of eve. The problem with training your physical skills without leveling your skill trees is even if you do everything right as a pilot you will still lose to a player with a maxed skill tree. So i could be doing the right thing but still die due to the enemy having stronger drones and turrets. If that is an issue then there must be an activity i can do to put myself on par with them but there is not. That right there is the sole reason why people quit. There is nothing you can dedicate your time to that will make your ship better in any way shape or form. it is purely timegated paywalls.

On paper. Bigger ships have to apply the damage, and piloting well can reduce their DPS in some matchups.

Part of the piloting skill is knowing the matchups where this is possible, and then knowing how to exploit it.

Well, without more information, there’s not much I can say here. Yeah, cruisers are very dangerous to destroyers. Also to frigates, but mainly because of drones. When they can apply their damage, they are indeed scary to smaller ships, but that’s not guaranteed.

Well, I might suggest:

That’s quite presumptive of you. This week I started a new alpha account so I can mentor a rookie new to Eve who wants to learn FW. I’ve only spent about 450k of the free 1 million skillpoints. For T2 weapons and racial frigate level 3.

Two days in: Already been in two solo brawls where neither side could destroy the other. My opponents had much more SP (around 1 years worth). Don’t know if they were omega or not.

Maybe I have a blind spot you can see. The blind spot I see in you is that piloting skill really does account for more than you recognize. Progression in this game is not solely about what big ship you can fly. It’s also innately your personal knowledge and experiences, which you can build right now.

i understand what you mean, however i have beaten all bosses in the ‘jagex’ franchise which requires much more skills, much better reaction timers and overall more difficult confrontations. i have no problem mimicing what a player does in a video because simply missing 1/8 buttons is certain death. These skills do transfere to other games as when i went to other mmo franchises ‘eso,wow,diablo etc’ i was able to reach endgame content and breeze through by following what twitch streamers and youtubers did. i was also able to spend time using skills and watching them get stronger as i played. That is a feature this game doesnt offer and is the overall downfall of new player experience.

i understand that there should be ways to further train that cost money because EVE isnt free to run but the timegates are not the way. 100% insured ship hulls that return on death for a month that come with a lisense to fly them aswell as the skill books required is the better way.

the mistake i refer to is putting points into the wrong skill lines with the million points.

im fully aware that there is a pilot skill difference, thats not the issue player skill can be learnt. The issue is when learning you get false negatives where you would have won with the skill points allocated. The only difference between them and you is they have an extra 20-50% damage and take 10-20% less. Therefore not only do i have to learn to be better then them, i have to be unrealistically better then them to counter the major dps/ damage resistance imbalance.

The ship i was flying that got 3 hit was a coecer, if it was a civilian shuttle i would understand but it was a decent ship. However if i could fly a bigger ship with 10x the ehp would have been 30 hits to take me out and i might have a chance fighting other frigates and destroyers where my frigs and destroyers would have 0 chance. overall back to the same issue where i am time gated untill i have the turrets and drones learnt and nothing i can do in game to make it faster or better. this isnt your fault dont feel attacked, this is just how the developers made the game and its their game they make it the way they want.

Yeah without guidance there can definitely be a sense of remorse here. This is why I advise rookies only to put SP into their first T2 weapons of choice (ex small guns or small missiles) and then don’t worry about the remaining 650k SP until they spend more time in the game.

It is easy enough to spin up a new account with 1M fresh but it’s not a great feeling.

Makes sense. Coercer is generally going to be viewed as a free kill by cruisers. They are slow and have big signature radius and bad range control so they’re easy to hit.

The guy you watched you said did it in a smaller ship? There’s a reason for that.

That’s not how the game works, and is dangerous thinking. If you were out in a battlecruiser, you wouldn’t be getting the same fight to begin with. The other guy likely would have left, reshipped, or outplayed your larger ship. This game really relies on how you fly the ship you are given.

The PvP in this game is not simply „bigger is better“.

yeah well i didnt get any advice on what to spend it in and i ended up being able to fly next to nothing. had to wait days to unlock battle cruiser and realised cannons would take weeks. I purchased omega and plex on this account thinking it would give an advantage but the only thing i learnt was you lose 30% when you sell something back and the cost to get all upgrades is 3x more then the omega.

If the game had something to do that made your ships better then it would be worth playing but buying injectors is too expensive, the daily injectors dont work for omega which is so dumb. i understand with a cruiser the frigates will probably run but that means atleast some enemies wont just come up and 3 hit me just because they can see im new and ez kill.

furthermore when im in that battle cruiser i can do the lowsec/null sec anomolies where my destroyer couldnt. i dont need to stress about some solo frigate rocking up to the portal as i can get away before they kill me. They could change ship to something that could beat mine but the amount of time between them returning to station, selecting ship and returning is a few minutes and i would have likely left depending on what the profile showed when i clicked their name.

you can only see it from an experienced players view. I dont have the same commitment to the game or time/$ invested. The game has to actually have something fun to do or some kind of scaling that comes from playing the game. at the moment the fastest way for me to level up on this game is to just play another game until i can play this one which is a really shitty mechanic for any game.

I hear the frustration. I empathize. At this point I can only recommend finding a group of players to run around with or join a NPSI fleet.

Otherwise if you’re unhappy with the game then no point in sticking around. I’m not saying it to be mean. I’m saying it because you clearly value your time and the kind of game experience you want to have, and based on what I’m hearing it’s not meshing well.

I do think there’s a mismatch of expectations going on here, my experience can only offer you a path to get them to match, and it’s not the only path. If you feel strongly the fresh rookie view is the correct one and my path is out of touch then I cannot really change your mind. Which is a big deal. Much of this game is of the mind: ego and attitude driven, which is why it has the reputation it does. It’s a sandbox, you have to find your own motivation to log in.


Although I’m 10 years in, I remember to have never felt “jobless” in EvE during the first 6 month or so required to become somewhat decent. What I did is trying everything, and then focused on 2-3 things.

Just as an example, first I did highsec missioning to get my standing with the factions up to eventually get better missions, and lower my broker fees / repro fees in their stations, also jump clones required standing back then.

I tried ninja gas huffing in wormholes for ISK with a Venture, but was not so my cup of tea. Then relic exploration, which was my main source of income for years. In parallel I worked on solo PvP, first the Tristan/Atron, then Enyo/Hawk, and was almost daily in bombers bar and spectre fleets. Plus I liked to hunt FW mission runners for juicy loot when this was still doable in sometimes blingy bombers.

I had my own PI farm in Syndicate for extra passive income, made money from researching or copying blueprints, and then later manufacturing capital modules, market speculation on patches, which made me 100B for the first time.

There is so much to do in New Eden …

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You’ve probably forgotten more about this game then i will ever learn, but the one thing that stands out in mind every night when I long in is there is always something to do in NewEden. Right now I’m being entertained with T0 abyssals but i can see myself getting bored with only running T0’s but I’m trying to learn how to fit and what to fit for a T1.

I want to exerpience what this game has to offer. I can even see a place for mining for me. I’ve done it a couple of night.

My assessment of the game is I don’t know what i don’t know. I come here and I keep an eye on rookie chat when I’m playing and i also found some good you tube content to lead me where i think i want to go.

I take it all in strife and i try to learn from my mistakes. When i got blapped in a WH i learned I’m experienced enough to be there yet. But i still want to do it.

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