L4 Security - To Dominix or not to Dominix?

Why is the Dominix really not often an advice ship for that ? And am I way slower completing missions ?
Is it because of the DPS ?
In my current built I reach ~550 with sentry drones, which seems to be half of what you can reach from what I read/saw for the Rattlesnake for ex.

Thing is, I do like my sniper style and I did invest a hell lot of skill time in that.
Even if I do that as a side activity or with corpmate, I do think about the isk/hour profitability.

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If you want more dps rattlesnake is a great sniper as well. Your sentry skills will not go to waste with a rattlesnake. Lots of other drone ships to pick from as well, but I say fly what you like and what you can afford to lose.

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Main reasons why the sniper Domi has slowly fallen out of being a highly suggested pick include:

Requires a MJD to even be functional, thus not usable by anyone under alpha clone status.
Ditto for the fact they cannot use sentry drones. Which is compounded by the long range sentries being low DPS.
Requires significant trade-offs to fit because to get your damage relevant you must shield tank it.
Spending three times as much gets you a rattlesnake that does twice the damage and actually has a solid tank.

The Gila is something of a overpowered as hell ship for PvE doing 700+ DPS from a cruiser sized platform and can work near the edges of what your sniper Domi would get effective sentry damage from. When a cruiser can do more DPS, get through missions faster, travel between sites much faster…

Basically its mostly a case of keeping things stupid simple like a basic cruise missile raven that can be slapped together for ~180-190m or going for it and getting a rattle or nightmare for significant high range damage. The other side of the spectrum is really more interested in machariels for that mission blitz speed.

Its mostly because you call your FIT a build. :roll_eyes:

domi is fine, it’s a pretty good starting point but ~550 dps is kinda boring to talk about.

Most missions drop you in medium range of the rats if I were you I’d consider adding some turrets to the Dominix fit to increase overall dmg-fitting 1400mm or even 1200mm artillery will allow you to hit battleships easily and choose ammo type to which they are weak

  1. Its a battleship, its slow and clunky. vast majority of missions you will pick up will not be the huge ones, and even then, a BS or marauder is better only if you go for full clears. Otherwise you are way better for time and functionality doing L4s in a faction cruiser or T3C by leaps and bounds or even a Vedmak or even some battlecruisers. It becomes time inefficient when averaging out for total number of missions. Very time inefficient, as in, your L4 income will go up by like 30-50 % depending how you play when you go away from it to something better.

  2. Even among battleships it has pretty crappy tank and bad slot, PG, CPU, cap configuration, so there are plenty other battleships available that have much better fit options then a Dominix.

  3. Due to its hull bonuses and available slots / PG / CPU (or rather lack thereof) you can’t fit it for as good DPS as other ships in its class while retaining same level of tank and / or DPS application. It is just sub par which is really unfortunate, as I really used to like it, it was one of the 1st ships I trained for in this game.

I used to fly the Domi a great deal on my main, but it was significantly downgraded when its turret bonuses were removed.

Having been out of the game for a few years I recently returned to explore what the game was like as an alpha. I ended up running L4 security missions in a Gnosis putting out up to 770dps and found it a lot of fun. It uses a permanent 10mn afterburner fit so Battleships are not really a great threat. Its great fun diving into the middle of a bunch of battleships and killing them quickly with Javelin. There are not many missions you can’t complete in reasonable time. I’ve even completed the Gallente Epic Arc in a Gnosis with no warpouts on Studio I and Showtime. Took a while working out how to do that. The Gila is slightly quicker on L4 missions but the VNI (for alphas) is slower.

Back to Battleships you could try a Navy Domi to get turret bonuses or as others have said make life boringly easy with a Rattlesnake. I would urge you to try some of the smaller ships BC and Cruisers it is surprising what you can achieve in them, though it is a different play style.

Have fun


I actually set up a drekavac before I had to go to work can hardly wait to get home and try it out-single rep AB 2 links

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