Navy Dominix or Regular Dominix?

Hey guys, newbro here,
So I have grinded a bunch of level three missions (and got comfortable with them) and I am ready to make the transition into level four missions. I am a drone guy so I want to get a dominix. Problem is, I don’t know which to get.
I didn’t want to get the navy issue as I just want my damage to be based on drones, not hybrid turrets. But apparently, most people believe that navy issues are always better than the standard.

Please help me!

If you just want to use drones, then get a Dominix, it really is that easy!

Then after you’ve been running L4s for a while, get a Navy Domi and try that. Then once you’ve had both for a while, decide which one you like the most, and fly the other one into low sec so it has the opportunity to die in a glorious explosion! :smiley:

Fly Dangerous.



oh okay, thanks for the help

The bonus to drone optimal range and tracking speed on the Dominix is extremely valuable for sentry drones - allowing them to hit farther and more accurately. Another ship to consider if you want drones as your primary weapon system is the Rattlesnake.


I fly both and my normal Dominix is gathering dust in the hanger - I never use it because from time to time the guns bail me out of trouble - they are good for sentry guns/missile batteries while your drones deal with ships. In my view the more hurt you can dish out the better. It also means that you work through the fleets quicker which increases your return over time. I’m flying 6x Prototype Gauss guns with M lead shot has an optimal range at 41 clicks and a fall off at 59 clicks. Guns supporting a drone attack on a ship makes quick work of the target ship. Granted its a more expensive ship but its paid for itself ten times over and I have never lost one as its tough enough for most PVE situations - you can fight yourself clear if you get scrammed and can warp out if necessary. Likewise when you get ganked you have enough tank to put a fair fight out (unless its a fleet that drops on you) and buy you time for allies to get to you. I’d go navy every time - normal is soft and doesn’t bite as hard.

Get the regular dominix first. See if you like it.

If you want to run pure drone boat, three drone damage amplifiers in low slots, omdirectional tracking links with tracking speed scripts, one or two drone navigation computer, microjumpdrive in midslots. Two drone links in high slots for drone control range, don’t worry about guns - one long range for drawing aggro maybe.

good luck have fun


I haven’t had the Navy one, but, being a fan of sentry sniping, the optimal range is awesome. It saves me 2-3 slots for omni tracking modules.
Navy edition may be a better brawler, but I wouldn’t know, since it’s not my bag.
Incidentally, the only time something gets close to me is NPC drones, in which case I still enjoy the ridiculous tracking boost for my light drones

As people said, fly the regular Dominix first and if or when isk isn’t an issue anymore you can get a Navy Dominix.

Just so you don’t get confused, the Navy Dominix is different then the regular Dominix and despite people doing other things, the Navy Dominix is more like a very large Vexor.
That means you get a damage bonus for large railguns or blasters and if you have flown the Brutix or the Vexor at some point, you may already have a preference for either.

Navy ships are also more mobile, as in agility and speed. If you choose railguns for your Navy Dominix, those have bad tracking at close® ranges.
At more distant ranges, railguns will be a nice addition to your drone damage.
Also keep in mind, you don’t get the range and tracking bonus that the regular Dominix has.


Speaking generally, the Navy Dominix should not be seen as an upgrade to the T1 Dominix (or other T1 Gallente ships) even though they share the same core name. The lack of the drone precision/range bonus means the Navy Dominix makes for a poor sentryboat like the T1 Dominix can be. The performance of heavies is also very different, and this would be particularly noticeable when fighting other subcapitals; the heavies will be able to inflict more damage (range + precision) while also having increased survivability by virtue of their increased range. It is its own ship, not an upgrade to any other ship. (The Gallente Maurader/Black Ops are not upgrades of the Navy Dominix either.) It’s a great buffer/resist tanked (for logi reps) raw-power brawler, while the Dominix can be a sentryboat or a high-precision brawler; if you want to use lights/meds at range, it can do that, too (try not to use heavies at range). (If you want self-reps then the Hyperion is similar in having excellent gun and drone firepower but it also has generous rep bonuses.)


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