Maelstrom vs. Dominix, which is more verrsatile

Hello out there, I am on my way to l4 missions in high sec an i wonder which battleship is more handy for this purpose, i am more interested in salvaging than in blitzing but I also enjoy playing with artillery for the high alpha. For L3 I have a myrmidon with arties and I am tempted to try it the other way round, an arty boat with drone support, but I am not sure If this comes at the price of losing some versatility, for which i like the myrmidon very much. My skills still and my empty pockets give me some time to prepare, so I put this topic here, hoping for some advice.

Any comments will be appreciated!

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I would say Dominix is better as you could fill highs with tractor beams and salvagers and not lose damage where’s malestrom would earn you less isk in long run even if you have alt running behind to salvage and loot in time having two level 4 mission runners running missions while salvaging and looting will earn you much much more than malestrom and salvage ship I forget name of

The Dominix is one of the most versatile ship in New Eden.

Not only do you get lots of free high slots for whatever you need (cloak, neuts, nos’, tractors, salvagers …). The Dominix has a large drone hangar for multiple fleets of drones (small vs drones and frigates, mediums vs cruisers, heavies vs battleships, sentries for sniping at range and don’t forget the utility drones).

Dominix :slight_smile:

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Equivocal comments, sounds like a clear thing. Thank you very much!

Drone boats tend to be a lot more versatile because they have options in the high slots, but that comes with the caveat that you’re doing something where drones are playable.

A good point. Some of the L4 missions have pockets wherein your drones will attract quite heavy drone aggro. Something to think about…

What about using sentries in such an occasion? Sniping everything before it’s gets in range to do damage to the own drones.

There is no level 4 mission a Dominix can’t finish easily (except burners which are something entirely different)

You can tell I don’t fly the Dominix! I did one today, ‘The Assault’, in which there was considerable drone aggro occasionally (in addition to the dampening) - even my wacky Wardens wobbled - a bit, for the hostiles can also strike at range.

Once skilled for, the L4 missions are not difficult. I was only making the OP aware that there are a number of considerations to take into account when deciding on a ship which is:
a) suitable
b) a pleasure to fly
c) you have the skills to manage effectively

It’s the Machariel for me!

The Machariel is a very fine ship for blitzing missions. But not at all versatile

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Drone ships are always more versatile than almost any other ship, but as others have mentioned sentry drones are a great option due to the tracking speed and optimal range bonus to drones which is particularly good for sentry drones. Also it can free up the highs as someone else mentioned for tractors and salvages, and you can go with either a shield or armour tank, the shield for more DPS ( more space for done damage amp) and the armour will be a bit more tanky and have better versatility for mid slot mods like( omni directional tracking link, prop mods and capacitor mods to keep your tank going).

The Dominix is however due to its versatility quite skill intensive to fly effectively, but well worth it!

Fly safe out there, o7

Once you get a bit more cash you can sell the Domi and upgrade it to a Navy Domi, just stick all the same modules on it as the Domi, then decide what to place in the extra slots.

Or, you can put a bit more thought into the Navy Domi fit it if you try it out and find the CAP or TANK is now a bit over the top for your missions.

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