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Hey all. After years of contemplating (as I played other games), I finally decided to give EvE a chance. Started my toon tonight, goofed around with settings and commands, and got the first 4 investigation missions done. Lots of questions, but I will hold off from asking most of them until I complete the starter quests as I’m sure a lot of them will be answered as I go. So far I have travelled to quest locations, and orbited targets to kill them. I know there is a lot more to do, looking forward to discovering the possibilities. If I like the game after a week of play I will probably subscribe so I can open things up more. One question I will ask, is it worth it to fit the starter ship or should I move up to a frigate first?

And if I screw up the lingo, go easy. I’m figuring out the terminology as I go.


I think the starter ship you are talking about is also a frigate.
Did you get it for free after accomplishing the tutorial \ mission?

Anyway, you definitely starting off with frigates. You should fit your ship according what you are going to do with it.

One big thing I would focus on: What type of bonuses the ship have? e.g. Projectile weapon damage bonus 5%
Then u want to fit Projectule weapons on that ship!
Telling you because… My first ship was like Christmas tree, and I didn’t know much about the bonuses that u can find in ship information window.

Thanks for the reply. Right now I have a corvette (I think?), named Ibis. I haven’t finished the entire initial set of missions yet (I assume its like a tutorial). I did get a notification after I completed one of the quests that I had a gifted skill for a frigate, which is why I was asking about it. I hope to get back at it this weekend, normally I would play Friday night but I have a gig and wont be home till the sun starts to rise I’m sure.

I will keep an eye on bonuses for whichever ship I do have, I did read that just because you can fly certain ships doesn’t mean you should. I am also prepared that whatever I do fly is subject to being exploded by someone.

Thanks again!

You are on the right track.

Once you have completed all the tutorials you should do the SOE epic arc

And look for a newbie friendly corporation like Brave

Or Eve University

Welcome and fly safe.


You are right, Ibis is a corvette. You get one for free every time you dock your capsule in NPC station , where you have no ships yet. No point to use it, any frigate is better then it. Later on you may come back to it if you decide to be a cyno bait, but it is miles away from where are you now.

Do not go to Jita or Amarr surroundings, stay in high sec and you will have much smaller chances to get blown before you will learn how to at least scratch your opponent in return. Being blown is part of normal eve communication, being blown without even an attempt to fight back is a … bad way of communication. So learn your weapons first :wink:

Dotlan map tool will help you a lot to orient yourself in a New Eden. Other usefull site is a uni wiki. Scroll down to see ships overview with bonuises list and fiting suggestions.

After suggested SOE epic arc you can start doing missions (train social skill to get to level 2 security missions quicker because level 1 are so low rewarding), go exploration path or even mining (boring, imho, just as trading).
For security missions, combat anomalies and even exploration CCP prepared very nice starter all around tool called Gnosis. Not cheap, but you can fly it already now and utilise all bonuses as if you have racial battle cruiser skill at 5.

If you’re referring to the Corvette class ship (newbie ship) then the answer is; No, not outside of the tutorial. I assume that when you speak of starter missions (“quests”) you are talking about the Career Agents, which you are lead towards after completing the tutorial, You should have been given at least 1 ship, or you will eventually get a few while completing all the Career Agents’ missions; these will include the following ships;

Ships rewarded from Industry Career Agent

  • Venture (Mining Frigate)
  • (Racial) Industrial Ship

Ships rewarded from Industry Career Agent

  • Venture (Mining Frigate)
  • (Racial) Industrial Ship

Ships rewarded from Exploration Career Agent

  • (Racial) Exploration Frigate

Ships rewarded from Military Career Agent

  • (Racial) Combat Frigate - speed optimized frigate
  • (Racial) Combat Frigate - DPS optimized frigate

Besides receiving ships as rewards you will also be rewarded with a variety of Skill Books and Modules. All in all; along with the various ships you will also accumulate about 10 million ISK for every set of Career Agents you run, each race has it’s own set so you could easily get 40mil in just a few days of work, to find out where you’d find all the hubs for Career Agents you can check here

Career Agents can be completed (resets) once every 30 days.
Sisters of EVE (SoE) Epic Arc (Level 1) can be completed (resets) once every 90 days.
(Racial) Epic Arcs (Level 4) can be completed (resets) once every 90 days.
(Pirate) Epic Arcs (Level 3) can be completed (resets) once every 90 days.

For more details read here.

I sent you 50mil, and my advise is to go through all the frigates either in the market or the ship tree and find the one you think is sexiest. It is very important that you only fly ships that you think are sexy, cos you’re gonna be in lonely in space with them for a while. Use the in game “help” channel if you need help for fittings and also look at the ship information and use the mastery tab if you want to know skills to train.

If you need help losing any ships contact me in game as I know all the good places to die.

Have fun o7


Thank you for the info! I will be reading up on them for sure!

Thanks for the advice. I will check out the tools you recommended!

Im just wrapping up the tutorial quests, so the Career Agents are right around the corner for me. Thank you for the info!

Thanks so much! I will look for a sexy ship for sure. Gotta look good while flying around right? I will try to refrain from being blown up until I can at least make it look like I’m trying to defend myself!

Haha, that is awesome. Thank you!

Nothing worse than flying thru space in an ugly ship…lol.
I remember when the big ship update came out back in 2014. I couldn’t stand the looks of the original ships.
I almost wet myself when I saw the MOA.
Being a big Star Trek fan I envisioned flying around in an imitation “Bird of Prey” and killing things.

DUDE…that .gif is so true about this game…lol.

Dunno, my Caracals are called “Bird of Prey”.

There’s a couple of instances in the military career missions where you will be exploded; you do get given a ship to use so make sure that you read the mission instructions carefully.

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