So many question... So little help... Noob questions

I tried Eve the first year it came out and did not last long, even if I’m a strategy and roleplayer gamer and this is right up my alley. I wanna enjoy this game sooo baddly lol I’m up to 4days . So first question before I buy the Omega I want to atleast play a month free then I will upgrade for a few months and see how it goes. I Did the trainning and did the agents security lvl 1 (missions are repeating) with a good Trasher destroyer 7 x 200mm autocannon I + 2 x rigs small projectile burst I + limited explosive deflection field I + medium shield extender I + 2 x Fourier compact tracking enhancer the mission lvl 1 are no match, never a second line hit

Now my goals for now are : I need to amas ISK and Minmatar Standings. I have not choosen a profession yet and I looked at all of them but wanna play more before.

Should I do Ratting but I’m still very new and if so where would be safe?
Should I do do other types of missions by agents lvl1 like exploring and others?
Should I go on the Epic Sister of Eve route?

Your opinion please

2x Bonus questions:

  1. I have insured way to many spaceship for no reason and for to high a price… Should I just go and have them attacked by pirates and blowed up? What do I do with them

  2. I do not have options of sounds I have to alway read missions I saw the option in a old Youtube tutorial but the option is not there always writing, now is that a Omega thing or just a Eve not keeping up with the times?

Welcome back.

I’m not quite understanding if this is a question. No offense meant- I just can’t work out what additional information you are looking for here. If you can clarify what you are looking for, I’m happy to try to answer :slight_smile:

If you want standing, that means doing missions, this will gain you corporation and Faction standing. Specifically, Storyline missions that you get every 16 missions that you run will get you Faction standing, while every mission will get you corp and agent standing. But be careful, because gaining Faction standing this way also drops standings with rival factions. One important thing to to understand is how Derived Standings work, and there are numerous articles on that.

If you stick to High Sec and run missions or do combat anomalies, you will generally be quite safe (but not make as much as you would in LS, NS, or wormholes). But remember- no place in EVE is safe. People can and will shoot you if they like, there are just harsher penalties for them if they do it in HS.

There are no exploration missions (though there is an exploration career agent to show you how to do exploration). The choice is yours and depends on what kind of activities you like to do.

Absolutely yes. This is something I always suggest new players do after the tutorial and career agents. You will see a lot of space, make some money, and gain some penalty-free faction standing. You can do this Epic Arc every 3 months.

Insuring ships is good practice when beginning, but never insure the same ship more than twice. If you do, you will have essentially paid for the cost of the hull so it is a net negative. A lot of this depends on your comfort level and what you are doing.

Sorry, again, I am not understanding what you are asking. If the question is if the missions can be read to you by the game, the answer is no.

Last, here are some very helpful links to get more information about the game and some specific details about certain activities:


Thanks A lot,

The Trasher info was FYI to let people know what I was flying, The sounds are because I saw a Youtube link that chatting can be done by speaking and I did not have the same option in my properties. The vid is from 2014 if I can remember correctly. Just that I’m french from Canada so writing is not my strenght lol.

Thanks again!

Ah, OK, that makes sense. EVE used to have native voice chat but it was removed a while ago. Most people are using Discord or other applications now.

And no problem about the language- I just wanted to make sure that I was understanding you properly :slight_smile:

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Greetings if you mail me I would be glad to help you out

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Discord? I do not know about application I will start a topic cause all old stuff, you guys are awsome!

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Both career agent missions and lvl 1 security missions can be done in a frigate, but obviously a destroyer is faster. Your fit is okayish, although your limited explosive deflection shield would work only against enemies that actually deal explosive. Also I hope you DO have an afterburner as well - afterburner means you would control the distance in combat - and whoever controls the distance controls the fight.

You NEED Minmatar standings ONLY if you want to run missions for Minmatar, or if you want to do business in NPC minmatar stations (probably Hek, Rens), OR if you want in the future to run Minmatar epic arc (which is like what, lvl 4? I forgot). Or, obviously, if you want to roleplay something minmatarish. With this said, if you want to have high Minmatar standings, by all means go for it. This is EVE, there’s more than one way to have fun!

Why not all of it? You are not stuck with one specific profession or one way to acquire money.

You can run missions for Minmatar - and utilise your increasing amount of Minnie standings.

You can run Sisters of EVE Epic Arc, which is designed for newbies who freshly finished career agents missions. I think you’ll get a boost to the faction standing of your choice at the end of the arc.

You can run distribution agents, which is basically moving stuff from one place to another, you get much less rewards but you can do it basically AFK. You can also run mining missions (…or you can cut your own toes, which is marginally more fun), but actual mining , without missions, usually yields more money.

If you want to do exploration, forget about agents though. There are none. You are expected to go out and, well, explore. Fly off the beaten path, 1/3 of people in local chat are you competitors - which means that highsec is usually cleared very quickly. Go to wormholes. Go to lowsec. Die few times, learn how to avoid the death, get 10-50 mil from one relic site in wormholes, get excited, get addicted to exploration, become an explorer master, start hunting other explorers, join a wormhole corporation, spend 6 years being rich and doing a lot of PVP, after 6 years start writing everywhere how EVE is dying - at least this is a common progress for these types of people in EVE :wink:

About ratting: You can find anomalies in highsec and clear them - you can do it in a destroyer if you want. However, you will have a lot of competition and the sites don’t spawn as often as in nullsec. With this said… you can abandon your highsec ways and join a nullsec corporation that would allow you to rat in the safety of nullsec, in exchange for certain minimal amount of fleets you need to join to defend the space or to help your corporation/alliance/coalition to achieve a goal. In case you join nullsec you will lose a lot of freedom though, you will be expected to train to certain ships etc. On the other side, you get a lot of potential friends and a lot of support … up to you, really.

For the future, insure only ships that you expect to blow up (PVP ships, exploration ships) and always on platinum.

For now, refit those ships to PVP, go to any lowsec, find people, attack them, die, be happy to die in a combat like a true man/woman/gender_of_your_choice and most importantly - learn new things.

Small corporations use Discord. Medium and large corporations use Discord or Teamspeak or some other exotic software. Large corporations/alliances/coalitions (talking about hundreds of people in multiple fleets all on the same channel) use Teamspeak or Mumble. No ingame voicechat could achieve what external tools can - command channels, having 500+ people on the chat etc, cloning etc. Discord also had problems with lag for more than 100 peeps.

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Happy to help. These forums can be full of nasty people at times, but there are lots of us here who try to help out.

EVE is complicated, so it is natural to have questions. Please feel welcome to ask anything here and we will try to give you advice.

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By the way… WoW you guys and gals are fast making this realy fun… thank you

I’m doing the Sister of Eve Quest 19 jumps away from home base, I do not have a clone, Just explain the concept to me and should I change my home base for the time being, will that do anything ?

No, I would suggest just flying over there. The SoE arc takes a LOT of travel as you go through it. Take the time to play with your screen layout and check out the random windows and options in the neocon :slight_smile:

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Yes. Do that.


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Awwwww thanks… Just got killed for the first time in Broom break autopilot hahaha

What is the green safety button??

It sets what actions your ship can take to other people. If you leave it to green, your ship will block you from taking any action that can give you a suspect flag (actions that mean others can legally shoot you) or actions that mean concord have to destroy your ship. For example if set to green, you are unable to steal from someone else’s wreck, or attack a random neutral in high security space.

If set to amber, then it unlocks actions that can grant you a suspect flag. To use the above example you are now free to steal from other people’s wrecks.

If set to red you can do anything you want. Again using the example above you can steal from wrecks and shoot neutrals.

Be aware the setting only controls what your ship lets you do, other people are free to do you what they want no matter what you set your safety to.

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Thanks great info… BTW whats ISD?

Many people have many thoughts regarding ISDs.

Some say they come from a far off digital land… pucked only from the most cankerous forums on the net and then rehabilitated to balance their inner troll with the greater good of the forums. They then serve as semi-functioning members of the EVE community… roughing up the more disruptive elements so we may post in relative peace.

Others say they are the natural evolution of the “kinder” EVE bittervets… a kind of “ascension” if you will.
Their experience vast, they shed their former accounts to become something more. Something… actually helpful.

And still others say they are the DEVs using secret accounts… hiding behind monikers of monikers… all in order to creep upon us pleb players.

(Serious response: They are volunteer forum mods that have been vetted by the DEVs)


The “not serious response” was AWESOME… you my friend are well worth the reading time it took me hahaha.

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We’re not all forum mods :grinning:

I myself am in STAR


Are you saying your a STAR? lol

Hello, is it possible, to put a citadel in w-space?