New player - omega and 500M isk available. Most profitable things to do and fittings please?

Hello, im new, I started like a week ago, checked a lot of guides and tutorials, but now that i got omega and some money, i’d be glad if someone could tell me what i should better do/go for (i’m gallente). I got 500 million, which i know aren’t a lot, but i guess i can afford some not too bad ships atm, to start making some good isk. Thanks for the help

You have been playing for one week and have 500mill?

Do what you been doing, it is working :slight_smile:

Go explore:

You must be light on skills. Learn how to move around New Eden while you train up your core skills and doing exploration is a low investment, reasonably paid profession for a new player.

L4 missions. A Dominix is probably a good starting ship to work your way into an eventual Marauder.

Go have fun.

I know that sounds like an obnoxious answer, but it’s true- the reason that you’re here and flying around those space pixels is because it’s fun, so do more of what you enjoy. With 500 m, that’s a nice little nest egg to support more activities in a meaningful way, so you’ve got freedom.

So, let me turn the question around- since you’ve been here, what have you found to be entertaining or enjoyable, and what has not been fun for you.

Let us know what you’ve been enjoying and we can provide some info on similar activities or new ways to do them to keep you entertained and engaged.

Don’t let EVE turn into a grind or do things just because somebody says it’s what you should be doing- the only way you play EVE wrong is if you aren’t having fun while you’re logged on :slight_smile: For some, that’s PVP, for other’s it’s shooting rocks and building things.

What do you like?


Sorry, i forgot to state that i got that money cause today i bought both the alpha and meteor pack on sale. thats why i got so much haha. btw i know i should play to have fun, but what actually makes more fun, at least for me in mmos (know it sounds strange) is finding the best profitable ways of making money, progress and so on, also because while doing that you understand many aspects of the game and so which things are better and which not. I still have only level 1 missions as i didnt played much of em. just completed all the career agents except for the military which i got bugged at mission 3 :stuck_out_tongue:
I thought of incursions maybe, they seem pretty profitable and also a way to start understanding fleets, teamplay etc. what u’d think? thanks again for help and time given! if u wanna add me in game, Karmah White

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Cool- that helps get a sense of where you’re at. So, here’s my general advice for people getting started in the game.

  1. Do the Career Agents. They are a bit of an extended tutorial that introduce you to different elements of the game (combat, industry, exploration, etc.). Info is here:

  1. Run the Sisters of EVE Epic arc. It will let you see more of space, get a feel for mission running, and build some standing. Info is here:

  1. At this point, you probably have a sense of what’s fun and what isn’t, so looking for a corp that can introduce you to more of the game and involve you in more activities is a good idea. Some good corps for this are EVE University:

Or Brave Alliance:

That will help you build a community and explore more advanced parts of the game like fleets, wormholes, different security space, and a lot more.

And, of course, take a look at this to see what kind of things you think might be interesting :slight_smile:

The most important thing is to try to avoid falling into the ISK-grind trap. Try new things, build stuff, blow up, have fun!

Dedicate 100m of your ISK for learning PvPing, that should buy you around 10-20 frigates that you can go out and lose in lowsec areas like faction warfare allowing you to learn for cheap. And its fun! :smiley:

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^^ This.

Doing PvP and learning how it works, what to do in a given situation, and how to handle loss spills over into pretty much everything one will do in this game.

If you are polite and talk to those who kill you… learn from them… pick their brains… even be friends with them… more doors may open for you in other areas of the game that you wish to pursue.
And this is on top of the added bonus of learning how to safeguard your moneymaking activities.

In EVE, socializing is king.


I found a corp because a now-friend killed my merlin in a god damn battle heron XDDD


Thanks for help. Well now then i’ll try to go pvp and learn something, btw do u think i could do incursions? if so, considered my skills are still quite low cause only 1 week playing, could u please tell me a quite good fit please? tbh, just a tanky one, cause i just wanna be sure that during these i manage to stay alive rather than doing dmg, cause in a 40-60 fleet i dont think i’d be a great change if i go either dps or tank. Also if i can get a good tank fit for incursions, i can start making some good money. Tell me your opinion guys, and thanks again!

I always advise newer players to invest in a venture, an implantless clone and to go gas cloud harvesting, It’s pretty high risk, but the initial investment is very low, and you learn a lot about cat and mouse, study videos on scanning with both d-scan and probing.

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I’m no incursion specialist, my only try was to lose a tanked Battleship in under 30 seconds to incursion rats. So I stick to sweep incursion Frigates with a well tanked Droneboat, if these frigates dare to attack our base while an incursion is situated in this system.
So it may be fun to join Incursion fleets, to learn and chat, but you won’t be able to apply enough dps for quite a while to incursion rats, and probably you’ll die a lot. I recommend combat sites and security agents for a start to learn how to handle guns and flee early enough :slight_smile:
The SOE-Arc is a nice start, the endboss is a challenge for a new player. Look for Sister Alitura in the Arnon system at a “Sisters of Eve”-Station.
It’s skills and know-how what you need now!

I recommend investing in exploration. you can start with t1 frigs until you can fly cov ops / SOE ships. it’s more profitable and interesting than running L4 missions, which I wouldn’t recommend doing long term.

Honestly, put the isk to the side and dont waste it. You know nothing about the game after a weeks time. If you buy any expensive toys all that is going to happen is that you will be interesting kM’s for other players. Instead, buy cheap frigs and desy. Get yourself used to the game by doing lvl1s and 2s. Then, look for some of the newbee friendly corps to find someone to show you the ropes. Finally, dont be afraid to take a cheap frig and go to lowsec looking for trouble. You will die, but it will be interesting. After you die, talk to the locals - ask them for advice. Most lowsec’ers that I know are happy to explain what happened, why you died, and how you can get better.

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Bro you need to fit like 300tristains and move to lowsec

No you simply cannot do incursions. I doubt you have enough isk (with only 500mil) to inject sp to get the skills to fly incursions and buy a sufficiently fit ship to get by, but even if you did - you still have no idea how to fly the ship or what to do and incursions are high end pve which require some knowledge of game mechanics. Before you do incursions, work your way up the ladder of missions l1 to l4.

sounds like you will fit in here. That said I’d still say just screw around for a few months trying a bunch of different things. Going to need to spend some time working on the core skills to be able to fly most ships effectively, and going to need to spend some time learning the game systems to help transition into whatever you like doing. I use my knowledge of pve, pvp, exploration, and industry to run my trade business. Need to know whats worth buying/selling, and need to be able to figure out a reasonable price for it.

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