Starting from the scratch............makes fun

After coming back to EVE after a longer break I decided to upgrade only one of my accounts to Omega because I did nt know how long my fascination would last this time. I use the other account fo tool around. So I decided to try chars of different races and start different careers. I also skipped the tutorial at the start so see how far I would get. One of my chars is a Caldari trying to find a way through the jungle of EVE in a Corvette. Since I did not trust my fighting skills in that ship and my wallet was only 5000 ISK I accepted some cargo-missions. Of course I did not want to start a military career and do the missions of “cash for capsuleers”. I thought that was to easy. So I did some small transport missions, some ratting and stealing until I coul buy a better ship. I decided to buy a Bantam because I found this ship suitable for the multi-purpose role I intended to persue. With two 150mm Hybride Turrets and a salvager I can even do and survive smaller combat missions and make a good amount of ISK. I still have about 2 million ISK in my wallet and want to upgrade to a better ship. The Bantam I will keep for transports und occational mining. Since I want to keep the Hybride Turrets I plan to get a Merlin. What are your suggestions, thoughts to that.

I do 2 player filament PVE.
We use tech 1 destroyers fit for mobility.
The destroyers cost 3m isk.
I can give you a fitted destroyer.
At what eve time do you play?

Thank you, but my Omega alt has plenty of ships in all sizes. As a matter of fact, he sells Cormorants too and could easily give one to me, but I want to earn the ISK to buy one myself.

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