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Be warned though… there are people who do actively live in wormholes. They may not take kindly to someone establishing a station in their “territory.”

Moreover, while a single player can establish a citadel all by themselves it is generally not recommended to do this.
It opens you up to the possibility of war declarations in high-sec space (1.0 to 0.5 systems) and requires a well organized group to defend properly.

Is it possible to jump on jump freighter to jovian system? Why nobody made a youtube video?

what are you talking about?


Anything involving a jump drive requires two logged in players / accounts in the same fleet.
One player must be in the ship with the jump drive (see: Jump Freighters and Capital Ships) and another player in a ship at the intended destination with a cynosaural field generator (see: a “beacon to lock on to”).

Since there is no way to get to the Jovian systems in the first place (not even through naturally occurring wormholes), there is no way to jump to them.

Quick Side Note:

  • Lore-wise: The Jovians were an extremely advanced variant of humans that cut off their stargate network from the rest of the star cluster. They have all but died out now. There is no one on the other side (as far as anyone knows) to repair the stargates. And if there is, I don’t think they want us technologically inferior plebeians poking around.
  • Gameplay-wise: The DEVs use Jovian space for testing, debugging, and playing around. Think of it as “DEV space.” Plus, they probably want to keep it empty so they have some kind of “plot device” for future expansions.
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