Are Triglavian Ships worth getting?

I ask because when you add up the price tag for all of the skills needed for them and the equipment, it’s super expensive.

I don’t think so. Not all of them, if you wish so

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If you are asking this question I guess probably not.
Most of them are very powerful PVP tools in small - medium scale.
PVE wise they usually do not perform much better than their same size counterparts, with some advantages and disadvantages.

If you can’t figure out yet what’s their purpose/design, you’d probably need to join a new player corp, where others can further explain it to you. Or I’d suggest starting from other ships that are cheaper to experiment with.

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Considering their bonuses for remote repairers, would they be good as support ships in group pvp?

I guess that what CCP had in mind when “designing” them.
However it is usually hard to switch between remote rep mind set and DPS mind set.
Still even if you wish to do that, keep it in small scale (5-10) people, otherwise it is very likely you won’t react in time when your teammates call for rep.

Trig ships with the right skill levels and good module fits are very good.

Though as others noted they have limitations like all ships. You’ll need to learn what those limits and bonuses are.

A good Trig HAC can challenge any T3 cruiser, but as noted its subject to how you use it, fit it and skill benefits.

A good Trig Assault Frigate is a huge benefit in abyssal fleets, as its a great damage dealer for large targets and ideal as logi for other two frigates in fleet.

A good T1 Leshak tank fit can easily solo level4 blitzs and other similar missions, and with 100mbps drone capacity has a great drone force, 2 geckos or 4 heavies/sentries.

Just need to play with them and learn how to use them. Maybe try them out on the test server. But like other faction ships you have a huge learn curve to learn the new features.

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Yes and no. On paper they look amazing, however if you know how to break down the numbers they aren’t great unless they are on the target for a relatively long time. In most PvE situations they aren’t going to be on their target long enough to out DPS other high end ships while being 4x the cost of those ships.

A retribution for example will run you about 40m for 382dps with ~11k EHP. The Nergal hull alone will cost you ~184m and the gun ~42m. You’ll get 153-611 dps on paper with one radsink, however you won’t match that 382 dps retribution until you’ve shot the target for 2 minutes and 22 seconds. If that target dies at say the 1 min mark you will be at 248 average dps despite being at a “344 dps ramp”.

The problem with perception of trig ships usually comes from bling. If you are spending 225m for the ship and gun right out the gate, most people don’t think twice about tossing some bling on it. Throwing another 200+m isn’t really a big deal however throwing 200+m on a 40m retribution you typically won’t see people do.

In PvP people will typically target you first because they know you’re a nice juicy kill. However a fleet of blinged trigs can be very deadly to Target targets. Sadly they were seemingly designed for structure bashing, which is hands down the most boring thing to do in the game.

I recommend…THE KIKIMORA!!!FEEL THE POWER!!! it is in fact the only one for PVP i recommend personally. in PVE the BS isnt bad but there are better options such as the almighty PALADIN!

You’re correct about Frigates, but the larger the ship class the more survivable they become.

Trig Frigates are great in fleets, but solo they are to be handled with extreme care as the low number of medslots and highslots is a major handicap. But as others have said in groups of three or more the Trig Frigs become deadly.

The larger ships become better as their midslots and highslots increase in numbers. Thus can handle combat solo, though smaller ships still require support or careful use. Cruisers and above can be very deadly.

But due to some the market is over prices for frigates, destroyers and cruisers. The battlecruiser and lashak are cheap compared to cruisers.

The Kiki is a good ship, for price its great. But like all new ships come at cost, the Trig are the same, others have taken advantage of this to inflate the prices to make more isk. The only reason the prices are high because people have been paying the inflated prices.

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The problem isn’t’ their survivibility, it’s their target’s. Solo yes if your opponent doesn’t have something to deal with Trig ramp they are the kings of solo fights. However in PvE and non-capital grind PvP fleets, there is a better options there for the content. Sadly they are designed for, and excel best at, warping on top of a capital or structure and sitting there chewing on it. The cost difference between other ship options just exasperates the issue.

The kiki is indeed an outlier as it has more in common with a tactical destroyer than a T1 destroyer.

its true. when i got the skill book for the T2 small weapon i was PISSED. that ■■■■ was way overpriced.

Yip, the large disintegrator skill book are cheaper than the small and medium ones.

Those prices jumped when the T2 ships were released.

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