Training for Triglavian - Is it worth it?

Can anyone offer their experience on the ships and weapons available by the Triglavian? Advantages disadvantages? Is it worth the time and Isk to train?


With the expense and what all is required to build/obtain them, I consider all three Triglavian ships to be hangar ornaments…


Yeah. The ships are pricey and not practical at all. They scream of loot pinata and I would not recommend flying one around.

But CCP is saying they want to further the Triglavian theme. Does that mean they will have to acknowledge the expense of these ships and items that fit them so players will be more willing to play them?

The game did manage to bring down prices of T3 destroyers, for example, not sure if that is CCP’s doing but its made T3 destroyers more practical.

To me, the Trig ships are like a Bhaalgorn or Barghest. I buy them, I fit them, I have no real use for them, so they just sit in my hangar collection looking pretty…


Personally I just don’t have any use for them, so not worth it. If things change that would cause a price drop and they get real cheap, then maybe, just for novelty if nothing else. Or if CCP maybe rebalances stuff, adds more content like the Abyssal stuff that will actually be optimal to run in the Trig ships instead of a Gila, then also maybe. But those are just maybes, but probably not.

Maybe when they get buffed or overhauled. In a group they could be a menace, but not individually. And while you can use the Leshak for PvE in L4s there are better hulls for the job.

My plan is to use 2 maybe 3 leshak at once still farming isk for injectors for brand new alts for this tho-annoying chores

Well its not really the ships I’m interested in, it’s the skills because of CCP’s exuberance saying Triglavian will push EVE to the edge, or something like that.

(I wonder if that could mean like off a cliff?)

Nope in 2018

I have another question if someone can answer. Are the Triglavian skill books available only from running Abyssal Dead space sites? In other words are the Skill Books in the market from players farming Abyssal sites and posting them to market?

Yes. Like a week ago the CCP DEVs just rebalanced (downgraded) the drop chance for some stuff, including the skillbooks.

[updated] If something wasn’t changed while I was away…

Ah, then that tells me those skills like Precursor Weapons, Disintegrator Specializations and the ship’s command skills might remain high for some time.

That would of course depend on supply and demand, I mean not everyone is exactly running out to farm Abyssal Space, and demand might be created should CCP deliver on their promise to make something out of Triglavian tech for EVE…but then again I would not hold my breath.

Wait and see!

First we have to get enough of it all. Skills, ships, modules, ammo.
Then we talk about applications.

Triglavians will make EvE great again!!!

I don’t think Triglavian ships are going to make EVE great again. Right now they’re very niche and ineffective outside of small groups. For solo play they’re borderline useless.

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