Trig Logi

These things didn’t exist when I last played and they are pretty costly. problem im having is even if they were the same cost as the empire logi im not sure I know when they would be useful. The T2 variant is only about 25% stronger than a guardian and requires 60s to match a guardians output. its not much better for the T1.

They are limited to one inflexible rep on top of that. Just about the only real benefit I could see to them is the amazing range they can rep out to and their rather powerful local tank when compared to other logistics. but neither of those are really able to make up for the drawbacks.

is there something im missing or is there some niche role these ships manage to fill?

I think the design of the Triglavian ships is a philosophy that utilises overall spider tanking. The Trig logistics ships are just stronger in that department, but can and do fit well for tackle, neuts and smartbombs. The Zarm is incredibly tanky.

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The zarm also gains a massive bonus to logi drones.

Many don’t realize both can mount turrets also.

The Rodiva is a great ship when spider tanking with two others and used in larger groups.

We have a three/three/three doctrine using two groups of Vedmaks and one logi group of Rodiva. This has been used multiple times with good success

I can post fits if any interest


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