Will CCP ever release a triglav command ship?

what do you think?

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Well they already have a triglav command destroyer, I guess they will eventually fill the other gaps as well.

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I want the Triglevian T3 Destroyer, please.


I don’t see why not. The SOE ships eventually got other ship classes too, pirate factions get capital ships, etc. As long as a “slot” in the ship tree is not yet filled, the possibility that a ship to fill it will be released some day is quite likely. There might be lore reasons why not though, I can’t really imagine a SOE Blackops but a Triglavian one is easier to imagine lore-wise.

I think that a triglavian stealth bomber would be really cool.
Other than that though, I thing that the trigs have diversified their portfoli quite enough already.

Le’ts have triglivian industrial ships instead, which can fit no cargo equips nor rigs but a single Mutadaptive Expanded Cargohold, which makes your cargo capacity larger and larger while it cycles. I guess a number of 1500 m3 while docked and 60k m3 with a T2 Mutadaptive Expanded Cargohold at max capability should be good, before the 10% hull bonus to cargo capacity per level of Precursor Industrial.


Ah but jumps. When you jump, your module suddenly stops cycling, and you cargo capacity drops in-flight, which is very bad.

I think that they have enough ships to fix in game before they add more but they would do it if it helps generate money going into their pocket.

I waiting for a trig fortizar

First I want my Triglevian T3 Destroyer, please.

Speed Mode: with additional MWD/AB Bonus spooling up over time.

Offense Mode: weapons damage max spool up bonus like assault frigate of Triglevian.

Defense Mode: Repair amount bonus for local reps, spooling up.

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