Triglavian Industrial Ships

As some of us are aware there are Triglavian Industrial ships. Honestly I would love to fly one of these ships and I believe I have identified a specific niche that they could fill not currently filled by other industrial ships. Pochven Filaments all have an inherent level of navigational randomness, and subsequently are unpredictable within a given range. I would put that using these ships could reduce the randomness of filament usage with something similar to a jump menu, or being able to utilize specifically engineered “Industrial Filaments” to taraget specific systems. They can use filaments in the industry to create a second sink for them. Theres 3 sizes of ships and they can consume different sized filaments to adjust for cost. This can be applied both entering and exiting pochven, and before you ask they will be single or industrial only filaments so you can’t just force project your T3 fleet (worst I could see is A skiff Hotdropping drones.

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i am sorry but which gap are they really going to fill? what is your need that is not covered by other ships?
i am lost

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I could see it as a hauler with similar capacity to the nereus/badger/etc. industrials, but better defenses, agility and some basic bonuses to neuts and remote reps (justifying a higher cost).

Filling a niche as a combat support ship that can travel with a small gang providing minor reps, carrying ammo, cap charges, loot, etc.

Blockade runners can be used for parts of this, but it could be a slightly more combat focused alternative.

Also indy cyno bait.

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Thats Exactly what we need in this game … More Armor Rep Ships because there are not that many we can actual fly oO

Ironie Off

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More precise yeeting would just reduce risk, by keeping or even upping the reward, not a good balance. For miners it’s already super easy to get to the richest grounds with home filaments.

I want these and the transport variants

Triglavian DST and BR would be cool, but just a t1 Trig hauler with the typical Triglavian bonus to energy neutralizers would already make me happy if it was added to the game. Maybe toss in a bonus to warp speed which would counteract the warp speed debuff from Pochven.

Trig ships special ability is: improving over time.

For a hauler, I’d look at increasing its warp speed after every jump in an autopilot route. Requiring autopilot would be a drawback to pay for the speed increase. If it’s a few jumps, nothing would happen. But a 20 jump autopilot route might see a ramp up to a 3x warp speed bonus in the last 5 gate jumps.

Another potential bonus (anti-ganker) would be increasing shield/armor/hull resistance, over the same 20 jump route. This could be combined with or a separate bonus for different Trig ships (T1 / T2 ?). A HS ganker scout wouldn’t be sure about the current resist profile of their potential target.

Reversing this and making a resistance penalty ramp up over long autopilot routes, could also be a drawback when combined with a large warp speed bonus.

The gap of a new look. I would love to just have some new variants of ships that pretty much remain untouched, like hauling ships. Or even new designs, like the trig industrial.

trig hauler
3 low , 3 mid , 2 high slot .
base cargo 2000 m3 .

bonus per level :
10% cargo (3000 m3 @ lvl 5)
7.5% scan probe strength and duration reduction .
role bonus : 99% reduction to LARGE mwd power grid and cpu .

i think this would be a good wh- oriented hauler . 3k m3 fits a giant secure can , or use expanders for over 5k m3 . this allows frigate or destroyer + fit to be transported .

mwd bonus for enhanced cloak+mwd trick , and critting holes if you’re being chased .

your exactly know how Wormhole Mechanic work ! ironie off

This ship would be pretty much Useless oO and why the Triglavians get a new Bonus with Scan Strength and Scan Duration ?

A Transport Ship for Triglavians dosnt make sense

What gap do all the other haulers fill? What gap do you believe ever existed that every faction needs its own haulers?

Oh wait, that’s not how the game works. People want triglav haulers because they want the triglav ship line to be fully expanded just like the other empires.


This, some of us just want more Triangles man :slight_smile:
Especially those dedicated to the cause becoming Sobornost Kybernauts & want to stick to Triangular superiority in space.

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