Triglavian Industrial

I’m sure you have seen it in the trailer and have seen it on the character selection screen. You think we might get to fly it?

If trigs are going to be a new race like people think, then I’d say so yeah.

Cargo hold that gets bigger the longer you’re undocked :rofl:


That would be hilarious. I do actually wonder what bonuses it would have.

Should have seen the art stream where they showed the model better and a few others. :wink:

I think they’re already in Trig systems… Players can’t fly them yet, they’re like NPC haulers (and maybe you can kill them)

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This should make things interesting. Are they scannable?

Sounds like you have an inside source. Is it a hauler? A miner? GASPS a tech 3 multi purpose thingamaboob?


A spaceship. Military experts aren’t sure what to call it.

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But can we scan it’s cargo to see if it’s been “in space” long enough to make it worth worth while attacking. I don’t see why not, just asking.

I’m personally hoping that we get an entire tree. Like with the other races.

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yes cause people dont cry enough about the current T3Cs

I find them to be rather cookie cutter. But it would be interesting if we had access to a modular style of industrial like the cruiser.


Increased yield per cycle… just a guess though.

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here have a look: this is the short bus variant.

If they make one that can self-destruct and deal AOE damage I’m sold.

If you look closely you can see what looks like a hard point for an entropic disintegrator. While it is unlikely that this will happen how cool would it be if there was finally a true “battle hauler”.

It fits if you think about it. They the invaders would possibly use every ship at their disposal to fight against their enemies.

Photo credit: “Naviaux”