Are Triglavian ships worth it for PvE?

Title pretty much says it. When it comes to making isk, I’m a high sec PvE Carebear. At the moment, I have zero triglavian skills. I know very little about flying Triglavian ships other than being “overpowered” and expensive.

So, I’m wondering- how overpowered are they? If I invested in Triglavian skills, would I be flying an awesome mission runner ship? Or would I pretty much be paying 10x the cost for <10% improvement?

If you want we can meet on the test server and i’ll give you a bunch of Skill injectors so you’re able to fly them and see what you think.


I looooove the Ikitursa. Good tank, cap, speed, and blistering damage. I haven’t kept up with prices, but should only be 2 to 2.5x the price of a regular HAC. And their bonuses to remote reps make them even better for dual boxers (spider tanking frees up a low slot or two and reduces drone agro). Nergal is another great ship (very popular for anomic missions). The Leshak, however, has lost some of it’s luster now that marauders have been buffed.

However, my main concern at this point would be that you’re a late adopter. Don’t know what their chances of being nerfed are, or when that would happen. But it is a risk you take when you late adopt ships with reputations for being OP. I dunno. If you are looking to fly the Nergal or Ikitursa, I’d say go for it. They’re great ships, and the race specific skills won’t take you that long to train (unlike Edencom ships which have a bunch of unique skills related to damage and damage application). If you are looking to fly the Leshak, however, then you might consider training for a marauder instead. I don’t know if we’ll ever get a trig marauder, but between a marauder and the Leshak, I would rather have the marauder. I know they’re a long train, but you have options that you can fly as you train for one (i.e. fly the nightmare as you train for a paladin). Unfortunately, can’t really speak for the destroyers or the battlecruiser (I tend to fly battleships or HAC’s in PvE). Perhaps someone else can chime in with their thoughts on them.
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Outside of the Burners, I’m not a big fan of triglavian ship for mission running.

Which is fine. Leshaks are excellent in several other areas of PvE.

yes the Trig ships are worth flying.

I’d suggest getting into a T1 frigate and play would that in lvl1-2 combat sites till you get the hang of their turret, as this is the major thing you’ll need to learn about trig ships.

after that you just think of Trig ships as highly specialize Amarr Armour Tanks Laser ships, if you can fly Amarr laser ships you’re already half way there, and it’s just a case of turret knowledge and remembering Trig ships have a lower ship EHP and all other ships of their size class.

Key things to remember;

-optimal range only (no falloff range at all)
-damage starts low, but spins up fast to do massive damage if you stay on one target
-turret resets damage if target changes, lost, out of range or ammo reloaded
-has high tracking for its size
-has good ranges with ammo and targeting computer range scripts

-low Shield EHP
-average to high Armour EHP
-CAP similar to Amarr ships
-good Armour Remote rep bonuses
-good Speed and agility
-low midslot
-low to average highslots
-average to high lowslots


Depends on your carebear specialisation.
Nergal is quite good against some burners
Leshack’s are used for Incursions
I also heard Ikitursa can reliably do T5 Firestorm filament (danger: filament is cheap for reason)

Can you explain this a little better? Is there something weird about the firestorm filament?? I lost a hawk in a T0 firestorm. I was caught off guard- since I thought an assault frigate was more than enough to handle a T0.

The trig turret can do insane damage, but it has to spool up on one target. If you’re doing missions or combat sites with lots of targets, it’s not really worth it.

The Edencom ships are amazing for PvE though, especially combat sites. If you are going to train a new line, take a look at those. Expensive, but really great.

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2 reasons:

  1. Firestorms have fattest spawns
  2. Triglavian spawns in firestorms are much more dangerous (they fire thermal/explosive and have armor tank)
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With low skills and poor fitting the cycle times are an issue.

A good fit and skills can be deadly.

A leshak doing lvl4 missions will clear it in less time than most other battleships. Normally 2-3 cycles will kill anything smaller than a cruiser, some cases it’ll one shoot frigates.
A few more cycles cruisers die. I have done loads of lvl4 missions in the leshak with no losses other than the odd drone. Even Blockade mission is easy, with its tank you can even handle being swarmed by ships.

Battle ships and dreadnaughts take a little long depending on resistance holes.

Remember it’s damage is Thermal and Explosive. Edencom Vorton is EM and Kinetic. So Triglavian is great against single armour tanked targets.
Edencom is great against multiple shield tank targets, but has a long cycle time.

As noted above the Nergel is an example of a great attack frigate, cycle times of 3sec or lower and massive damage increase. A Nergal (trig assault frigate) I used a few days ago out damage amarr battlecruisers by over 300k damage to kill an Astrahus.

Each trig ship has special features, they all share the same faction bonuses to armour remote reps, smartbombs, neuts and nos. They all tend to be faster than other of their size class and more agile.

In one on one fights if use correctly and fitted well they can be very deadly in pvp also.

I dunno much about high sec, but a fleet of leshaks with a couple of nestors is a fairly popular setup for running c5 wormhole sites.

I see a lot of nergals running burner missions in null sec too.

The same is true for highsec FOBs and Accelerator Flashpoints.

True in highsec as well. The Nergal has fits for every frigate burner while the Ikitursa has fits for every base (it’s not really good in most of them however).

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