WTS Leshak/Ikitursa Triglavian focused character 23m SP

Triglavian Battleship V and can use T2 large triglavian guns
Triglavian Cruiser V + Heavy Assult Cruiser V and can use T2 Medium triglavian guns
All Gunnery support skill at Level V
Can fly Amarr Stealth Bomber and use T2 Torpedos with Almost all 4 Missile Support Skills

Perfect for Leshak and Ikitursa
Also good at Purifier

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/ewqe_cz Password:12345
Positive Balance / No killed right /Mid-Nemsis Set clone in High-sec NPC station

Starting Bid 19B
Buy out 23B


12b for ewqe cz

Lol funny


offer 18.5b

18.5B accepted

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