WTB Triglavian pilot

As the title implies, I am on the market for a pilot which can fly triglavian ships, preferably up to leshak.

Ideally no more than 20 mil SP. Less SP is also absolutly fine so long as the training as been focused into the desired triglavian skill set and core skills. Even unfinished projects are welcome. Don’t hesitate to submit them.

The pilot ability to fly a great number of ships outside the triglav ship tree may be a hurdle to the sale more than a benefit.

I am willing to pay good isk for the right pilot filling the above requirements nicely. Borked up character name wont be retained however.

Contact me in game by evemail or here by replying to this thread.


contacted in-game

Thx for the reply, still looking.


Thank you Queen Currency but not what I am looking for.

Still looking!

Still looking.

https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/LOWACLASS_BATTLESHIP_USS + slave set + 4x5% implants
Very focused & very expansive.

Thank you for coming up with your character.

It certainly approaches my requirements and is very well focused in the field I am interested in. However I am not keen on extracted characters and tbh the name doesn’t do anything for me.

Still looking

To the top, looking for a focused triglavian pilot. 20 mil SP. Decent name.


mine is still available even tho its not perfect pilot it is capable of everything you want.

Thanks again for the offer but I would like to see what else is available at this time.


To the top, still looking

Bump, still looking

mine is still available :slight_smile:

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